Notion Pricing for 2024: Is Paying for Notion Worth It?

Notion is a multi-purpose software solution that combines note-taking, task management, knowledge organization, and project management into a single, unified platform for individuals, small teams, and companies.

Let’s explore Notion’s pricing plans and the platform’s free and paid features in more detail.

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How much does Notion cost?

There are 4 Notion pricing plans in total:

  • Free,
  • Plus,
  • Business, and
  • Enterprise. 

Here’s a quick comparison of Notion’s monthly and yearly fees.

Notion priceMonthly priceYearly price

Notion also has an optional add-on, Notion AI, which costs $8/member/month when billed annually, or $10/member/month when billed monthly.

Notion pricing
Notion pricing (source:

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Notion’s pricing plans explained

Let’s delve into Notion’s pricing plans and get a closer look at their distinct feature sets.

Notion Free plan

Notion’s Free plan is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to manage household tasks and personal endeavors, or freelancers looking to organize their tasks and projects. 

Attention-worthy features of Notion’s free plan include:

  • Unlimited pages and blocks for individual users,
  • Unlimited storage,
  • Basic page analytics,
  • Access to Notion Calendar,
  • 7-day page version history,
  • Open and closed teamspaces, and
  • Basic automations.
Example of a Kanban board in Notion
Example of a Kanban board in Notion (source:

Understandably, the Free plan may not fully meet the needs of larger teams or businesses with more complex project requirements due to a lack of various privacy and security options and these limitations:

  • 10 guest collaborators only,
  • Only 1 synced database,
  • Limited block trial for teams with 2+ members,
  • 5 MB cap on file size, and
  • 100 row limit for databases.

Notion Plus plan

Notion’s Plus plan is ideal for small teams or groups seeking improved collaboration and organizational features. 

This plan is a step up from the free plan and includes several new features and upgrades, such as:

  • Unlimited blocks for teams,
  • Unlimited synced databases and 20,000 row cap,
  • No file size limit,
  • 100 guest collaborators, 
  • 30-day page history,
  • Custom domains for publishing web pages,
  • Custom automations in databases, and
  • Priority support.
Notion database automations
Notion database automations (source:

Overall, the Notion Plus plan is a balanced choice for enhancing project collaboration and organization for small teams. However, it may not meet the needs of larger businesses with greater security and privacy needs as it’s missing:

  • Enhanced security with SAML Sign-On (SSO) and user provisioning (SCIM),
  • Workspace analytics, granular admin roles, and audit logs,
  • Dedicated success managers,
  • Private teamspaces, and
  • Advanced teamspace permissions.

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Notion Business plan

The Business plan is designed for companies seeking to unify multiple teams and tools within Notion. 

This comprehensive plan encompasses everything in the Plus plan and a few other additional features and upgrades, such as:

  • 90-day page history,
  • Advanced page analytics,
  • 250 guest collaborators,
  • Private teamspaces,
  • SAML Single Sign-On, and
  • Workspace PDF exports.
Notion workspace
Notion workspace (source:

However, despite this diverse set of powerful features, the Business plan still fails to provide key security features, such as granular admin roles and audit log.

Moreover, Business plan users still don’t get access to dedicated customer success managers.

Notion Enterprise plan

Notion’s Enterprise plan is designed to meet the specific needs of larger organizations by providing advanced features that streamline workflows, collaboration, and project management and enhancing security measures. 

The most notable features and upgrades offered with this plan include:

  • Unlimited page history,
  • Advanced teamspace permissions,
  • Advanced workspace and teamspace security controls,
  • Managed users dashboard and controls,
  • Guest invite requests,
  • Workspace analytics,
  • Audit logs,
  • Granular admin roles,
  • User provisioning (SCIM),
  • Admin content search,
  • Domain management, and
  • Workspace consolidation.
Notion workspace analytics
Notion workspace analytics (source:

Notion’s top paid plan also includes security and compliance integrations, as well as HIPAA compliance. 

Enterprise users are also the only ones who get access to dedicated customer success managers.

Optional add-on: Notion AI

Notion AI is an optional add-on that enhances productivity and writing quality within the Notion workspace using artificial intelligence. The add-on has 3 components:

  • Q&A — get information about your workspace and tasks instantly,
  • Autofill — automate tasks, e.g., summarizing meeting notes and generating action items, and
  • Writer — get writing assistance and access to AI-generated content.

Is Notion the right option for you?

Notion offers a range of advanced features and benefits that make it a valuable choice for individuals and teams looking to maximize their productivity and organization. 

However, whether the platform is worth paying for will depend on your specific needs and preferences. 

Based on our research, the most widespread positive feedback from the average Notion user centers around the software’s:

  • Versatility — the platform adapts to a wide range of use cases, from personal note-taking to collaborative project management, and
  • Customization options — users can tailor their workspaces to their unique needs with ease.

Users also often commend Notion’s:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • Real-time collaboration features,
  • Cross-platform compatibility, and
  • Wide range of deployment options (web, mobile, desktop).

That said, Notion isn’t without fault. Though experiences vary, some of the drawbacks users generally mention include:

  • The platform’s steep learning curve, 
  • Pricing, especially for larger teams,
  • No true offline mode,
  • Performance issues that arise with larger databases, and
  • Limited functionalities of the mobile app.

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What is Notion’s alternative, Plaky?

If paying for Notion is too big of an investment, know that some other productivity and project management tools, like Plaky, offer extended features even in their free plans. 

Plaky project board
Plaky project board

Plaky is one of the most flexible, visually appealing, and user-friendly project management tools on the market that has a robust free plan without any restrictions on the number of:

In Plaky, you can streamline project workflows with ease and promote seamless collaboration among project team members

You also have the option to start from scratch or utilize pre-designed project management templates tailored to specific industries like software development, marketing, sales, HR, and more.

Plaky’s inventory management template
Plaky’s inventory management template

With its highly customizable features, Plaky can also adapt to the needs of different teams and industries, offering ways to arrange and visualize project’s data so that it’s both easily accessible and manageable. 

Of course, teams and organizations that want to further invest in project excellence and upgrade for more features can choose between 2 Plaky paid plans — Plaky Pro and Plaky Enterprise.

How do Notion and Plaky compare?

Plaky and Notion — while both valuable in the field of project management and collaboration — have notable distinctions. 

Notion vs Plaky feature comparison
Notion vs Plaky feature comparison


Plaky is primarily tailored for project and task management, but it can also serve as effective team collaboration software

Notion, on the other hand, is an adaptable all-in-one workspace, covering note-taking, knowledge management, and task management. Its versatility allows for creative customization, so it serves a broader spectrum of use cases. 

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Ease of use and visual design

Plaky offers structured project management with a simple interface and robust task and board management features, including:

  • Custom boards and tasks,
  • Custom fields (e.g., Status and Timeline), and
  • Countless tailored views (Table, Kanban, or Gantt) for effective work visualization.

Though Notion is similarly adaptable, its flexibility and extensive feature set may actually pose a steeper learning curve.

As for their visual presentation, Plaky boasts a more contemporary and streamlined design compared to Notion. However, both tools come with dark and light modes. 


As it’s designed for teams to work together seamlessly, Plaky emphasizes collaboration with features like:

  • File sharing, 
  • Real-time team communication via comments and mentions, and 
  • Instant notifications. 

Notion also supports collaboration, but with a broader focus, offering features such as:

  • Note-sharing, 
  • Document collaboration, and 
  • Knowledge sharing.

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Another major difference between Notion and Plaky is that Plaky has made the most essential project management features unlimited across all of its plans.

For instance, Plaky offers unlimited users and teams even on its free plan, while Notion limits its free plan to individual use and only 10 guest collaborators.

Furthermore, Notion imposes several limitations that Plaky steers clear from, such as a 5 MB cap on file size. Both platforms provide unlimited storage, but Plaky extends the file limit to 10 MB per file in its free plan.

And if that weren’t enough, Plaky also provides 24/7 world-class customer support to all of its users, including those on the free plan. 

In contrast, Notion offers this service starting from the Plus plan and upwards.


Finally, there’s a remarkable difference between Notion and Plaky as far as their pricing goes.

While Notion has a free plan, it comes with serious limitations that make it a less-than-attractive option for teams with 2+ members.

Users may inevitably have to opt for one of its paid plans, which aren’t so budget-friendly since the cheapest one starts at $8/user/month.

However, Plaky’s paid plans are exceptionally affordable and offer fantastic value. 

Plaky’s pricing plans
Plaky’s pricing plans

Plaky Pro and Enterprise plans encompass all the features available in the free version — and provide some major upgrades, including:

  • Greater file size (up to 100 MB per file),
  • Additional or unlimited custom fields,
  • Additional board views and user groups,
  • Extended activity log history,
  • Advanced board and workspace permissions, and
  • Additional security options.

But how much would you save if you opted for Notion instead of Plaky? Here’s how much you’d have to pay each billing cycle for their paid plans based on your team size.

Team sizePlaky ProPlaky EnterpriseNotion PlusNotion Business

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Is Notion 100% free?

Yes, Notion is 100% free if you choose Notion’s free plan. In case you require additional work organization and task management features, go for one of its paid plans:

  • Plus — $8/user/month (billed annually),
  • Business — $15/user/month (billed annually), or
  • Enterprise – POA. 

You can also add Notion AI to any of the plans, including the free plan. Notion’s AI pricing starts at $8/member/month.

Is Notion free for students?

Yes, Notion has a free Education plan for individual students and educators at accredited colleges or universities. However, they must have a valid school email address to sign up.

Verified student-led organizations at select higher institutions are also eligible for free Plus plans.

Is Notion free for nonprofits?

No, nonprofits cannot use Notion for free. Still, users can take advantage of the special Notion nonprofit pricing, which includes 50% off its Plus plan.

Need an easy-to-use Notion alternative? Try Plaky

Notion stands out as a versatile platform that serves various purposes, such as note-taking, project management, and knowledge organization, and offers several paid plans to meet different user requirements. 

However, Notion’s steep learning curve and pricing can easily deter users and prompt them to look for more affordable and overall more user-friendly options.

As one of Notion’s best alternatives, Plaky shines as a straightforward, flexible, and budget-friendly project management tool.

Offering an extensive feature set even in its free plan, Plaky is a cost-effective choice that caters to teams of all sizes and across many different industries.

Eager to streamline work processes and maximize your savings? Sign up for Plaky’s free account today.

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