Plaky for Sales

Manage leads and track customer onboarding cycle, in one place.

Organize your Sales processes with one tool

Manage lead tracking and customer onboarding for better results.

Assigned ownership

Make accountability a core part of your workplace culture. Delegate responsibility, tag individuals, and assign comments to know who’s working on what.

Simple planning

Simplify complex projects by setting clear goals and organizing boards into groups with customized columns.

Progress at a glance

Keep your leads moving through the pipeline but track their progress at any time with customized statuses.

How to use Plaky for your
Sales projects

Track prospects

Track account data, notes, and action items from opportunity to contracting. Provide your sales
team with a common framework, so they never miss an lead and have a more efficient roadmap to closing deals.

Don’t start from scratch.
Kick-off your projects faster with our:

Pre-onboarding customers template

Pre-onboarding customers

Onboard new clients

Manage your post-sale activities in one place, so you can stay on top of client projects and build
long-lasting relationships. Get the clients up to speed, address any queries they have, and outline the strategy going forward.

Don’t start from scratch.
Kick-off your projects faster with our:

New client template

New client template