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Streamline your client’s interaction processes on one platform.

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Plaky - CRM software

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Build customer relations

Collect leads from any source, and qualify them in one place. It helps sales teams improve customer service by having all the contacts and client data on their board.

Get a complete record of individuals and companies, so you can better understand your relationship over time.

Better sale’s lifecycle

Sales management made easy. Track client interactions across the entire customer lifecycle. From first contact to winning a deal.

Have all the valuable data on your board, with the right people assigned to the right tasks.

Customer retention

Improve your customer relationships, increase customer retention and drive growth.

Plaky provides a structure that supports customer-centricity so your entire organization can create consistent and winning customer experiences.

From clients data to closing deals.
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Workflow for every department.


Ideal for sales teams in need of an efficient CRM tool.

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Best for sales teams looking for a transparent way to track pipeline progress.

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Feel the benefits of organizing the entire CRM work in Plaky

Centralized client communication

Manage and go beyond your client expectations by having tasks, deliverables, and all details in a single place, easily accessible by everyone in your team.

Reach goals faster

Plaky makes sure you spend less time in updating information and provides you with more time for actual work. It optimizes your work, simplifying the admin jobs on account of more sales.

Satisfied customers

By keeping one centralized hub for all your sales operations you’ll save time in managing and closing the deals. Stop sending endless emails. Keep the conversation in your tasks and move deals forward fast.