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Manage your marketing goals, budgets, and campaigns from start to finish with Plaky.

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Plaky - Consulting management software

Organize your marketing procesess in one place

Set up a marketing strategy

Have an overall game plan for reaching your goals and align your whole team to your vision.

Optimize your marketing resources and keep track of your budget, all in one place.

Fully visualize everything you’re supposed to do and watch as your team starts completing projects from start to finish without any major obstacles.

Plan your marketing initiatives

From product launches, to events and content publications. Organize every aspect of your marketing programs in one place.

Plaky is a marketing project management software that acts as a centralized hub and a storage place for your entire team.

Track the creative process

From request chaos to one centralized view. Transfer your files, designs and correspondence, right in your tasks.

Leave and receive feedback on the creative solutions, and quickly alter them when needed.

Receive updates and notifications and never miss a thing.

From strategy to content calendar.
Jumpstart your projects with our ready-made templates

Workflow for every department.

Strategy plan

For marketing professionals who like to turn their concept into an actionable plan.

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Content Calendar

For content creators who like to plan and track their blog posts, publications, articles, videos.

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Creative Requests

Best for cross-department collaboration. From initial intake to final deliverables.

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Event planning

For event managers who want to simplify the organization and the planning of everything event-related.

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Social media calendar

For social media managers who want to maximize their strategy’s potential for success.

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Feel the benefits of organizing the entire marketing work in Plaky

Have coordinated teamwork

From request chaos to one centralized view. Do cross-team work and involve all the relevant people in the project. Transfer files, designs and correspondence, right in your tasks. Comment, share files and receive update notifications.

Launch campaigns faster

Avoid pitfalls by setting due-dates and statuses to all of the importants tasks. Assign the right people to task so everyone knows what needs to be done. Get notified when changes occur and act timely to solve any possible issues.

Track progress easily

Access the activities on your project with just one look. Label and categorize your tasks with urgency statuses and then filter the board so you know what needs your attention. See where the teammates stand with their work and make sure execution runs smootly.