Task Management

Streamline processes and projects with Plaky and save time

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Within one organisation, there are workspaces, which can consist of an unlimited number of projects, represented by boards.


Boards can have an unlimited number of cards which are dedicated spaces for your tasks. Have a disscussion in them and add files.


Assign the right person to your task and avoid misunderstanding. Delegate assignments and track their progress.

Column types

Customize your task by adding: type, links, status, text description, urgency, person, tag or number to your columns.


Break tasks into smaller actionable items and assign each subtask to a team member.

Team Collaboration

Have all your team members on the same page

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There are an unlimited number of seats or users who can be involved in a project, as active members, subscribers to a task, viewers or guests.


Collaborate with team members by having discussions right in the task card. Stay in the context - leave feedback and ask questions.


Share ideas and tap into the team's shared knowledge by adding unlimited number of files to your tasks.


@mention a person or a group of people to get their attention.


Get notified when there's a new task comment, an important discussion, or a change to a note you're subscribed to.

Progress Tracking

Keep complete control over your work with views and filters

Plaky progress tracking screenshot
Kanban view

Have your projects visually sorted by status and drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes in Kanban view.


Track your workflow. By labeling your task with urgency, status, due-date you can have a quick overview of your tasks.

Subscribe tasks

Include yourself or other people who are concerned with the work's progress to track the activities within a specific task.


Adjust the order in which your tasks are presented by any type of value and go through whatever you want to track.


Easily narrow it down to the specific information that you need.


Run a search to go through every text field in tasks and conversations, including comments and descriptions.


Customize your workspace and manage permissions

Plaky administration screenshot

Admin has the permission to customize the workspace and invite or approve membership requests to team members who can edit and control the board permissions.


Restrict the viewing of data by setting your workspace to open or closed, and your boards to public, private and shareable.


The individuals who collaborate on projects can be notified, updated, and assigned on a task, as a team!


Keep your information from boards categorized within your account.

User info

Set up user profile with personal member's info: photo, title, email, phone number, location, birthday.


At Plaky, we secure and protect the information of our users worldwide and offer
24/7 support. We are ISO 27001 & SOC 2 certified and GDPR compliant.

ISO 27001 certified SOC 2 ISO 27001 certified AWS security

Demo (4:07)

See how it all works


Unlimited users • Unlimited projects • Unlimited tasks • Unlimited files

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