Stay informed about project actions with the activity log

Activity log provides a real-time record of all project activities helping you to stay informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

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What can activity log do for you & your team

Keep chronological record of all changes

The activity log includes and shows up in chronological order details such as the date and time of each activity, the user who performed the activity, a description of the activity itself and many other activities.

You can access it any time and stay on track with all that’s going on in the project.

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments

With regular tracking of the activity log to see what has been happening within the project, you can identify issues or opportunities and stay informed about what your colleagues are working on.

Bring informed decisions

By providing a complete record of all project activities & updates, the activity log helps to promote transparency and accountability. This helps project managers and other decision-makers make more informed decisions.

Tracking the activity log has never been easier

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