Unleash the Power of Project Management with Plaky PRO plan 

Looking for a way to supercharge your project management experience

Designed to take your projects to new heights with a range of advanced functionalities – Plaky PRO plan is exactly what you need.

It builds upon the solid foundation of the well-known Free Plan on Plaky, retaining all the essential functionalities that make project management and collaboration a breeze. 

With the Free Plan, you already have access to powerful tools that allow you to manage and collaborate on projects seamlessly, all at no cost.

FREE plan features extended into PRO plan

Let’s briefly recap what you get with this basic yet powerful plan. 

  • Add as many users as you want, as well as workspaces, boards & items. 
  • Visualize your board in Kanban, save countless preferred views of your board, track the activity of your team and even add a summary row for a better overview of where you stand with your tasks. 
  • Communicate seamlessly, receive notification on updates and create as many teams as you want for a better organization of work. 

Besides getting these cool functionalities, PRO offers other more advanced features designed to further improve your efficiency and productivity. 

The Benefits of Plaky PRO plan

Let’s dive right in and explore the exciting enhancements you’ll get once you unlock the Plaky PRO plan.

Private boards & workspaces

Privacy is paramount, and with our Pro plan, you gain full control over it. You can set your boards to be private, ensuring that only authorized team members have access to specific projects. 

Additionally, you can close your workspaces, giving you the flexibility to manage who gets access to certain information within your organization.

Viewer role

External collaboration is a significant advantage of our PRO plan. In addition to member and admin roles, which are available in the Free plan, we introduce a new role type called “Viewer.” 

This feature enables you to collaborate seamlessly with external parties or team members who require visibility into the project’s progress without the ability to make any changes.

The “Viewer” role provides a secure and controlled way to share project updates, status reports, or important information with stakeholders outside your immediate team.

Bulk action

Ever experienced the frustration of wanting to perform similar actions at the same time so you save yourself some time? Well the bulk actions help you do exactly that. 

You’ll have the option to edit, duplicate, delete or move multiple items at once. 

25MB per file

Since you’re here and you have interest in exploring the features of a larger plan, it’s likely that you’re seeking increased storage space for each of your files. 

Well PRO plan provides you with 25MB per file which is 15MB more than what you get with the free version for sharing documents, images, videos or other types of files. 

12 fields per board

Continuing with another exciting enhancement, we’re breaking the limits when it comes to building your task structure and organizing your project’s data. In the free plan, you’re restricted to only 6 fields per board

However, with our PRO plan, we’re generously doubling that number to 12! This means you now have an optimal set of custom fields at your disposal to efficiently organize your data. 

From managing people, status, priority, and dates to tagging and beyond, you have the flexibility to tailor your project to perfection!

6 months activity log

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the PRO plan comes with another valuable perk: the Activity Log

With this feature, you gain the ability to track your team’s tasks and stay up-to-date with all the activities on the board or items. Unlike the Free plan, which offers an activity history of only 7 days, the PRO plan extends this log for the entire last 6 months. 

This means you can now access and review crucial project activities spanning a much longer timeframe, giving you greater insights and control over your project’s progress and history.


When it comes to pricing, Plaky provides you with the option of both monthly and annual subscriptions.

For the monthly subscription, the cost is 4.99 USD per user seat per month. However, if you choose the annual billing option, the rate becomes even more budget-friendly at 3.99 USD per user seat per month. 

Opting for the annual plan not only saves you money but also ensures uninterrupted access to all the amazing features that the Pro plan has to offer. The choice is yours, and we are excited to have you on board!

Find out more & upgrade

Stay updated with the latest information and find answers to frequently asked questions about our plans by visiting the Plaky pricing page. There, you can also seamlessly upgrade to our feature-rich Pro plan to unlock the full potential of your project management.

Additionally, for more insightful Plaky videos, don’t forget to explore and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Thank you for being a part of the Plaky community, and we look forward to empowering you on your journey to project excellence!

Not sure if this plan is right for you? Test out Plaky’s Enterprise plan

If the Pro plan doesn’t fit the bill, then the Enterprise plan just might.

With Enterprise, you get everything listed for the Pro plan, in addition to:

  • Board permissions,
  • No limit on the number of Fields,
  • Unlimited storage with a whopping 100 MB file size limit,
  • Unlimited activity log,
  • A custom organization subdomain,
  • A custom OAuth2 SSO, and
  • Customizable user profiles.

For added value, you can even opt for the CAKE.com software suite and get access to Enterprise plans for not only Plaky, but also Clockify and Pumble at an extremely approachable price.

Still not sure about which plan is right for you? Sign up for a free account and test Plaky’s full feature set out for 14 days. After this, you can continue using the free version indefinitely, or opt for one of the paid plans.

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