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20 Short-Term Career Goals to Help You Boost Your Career (+ How to Set Goals Tips)

20 short-term goals for work: 1. Obtain a professional certificate, 2. Expand your industry-related knowledge, 3. Improve your performance metrics…
Ana Miljkovic
Calendar Icon December 1, 2023

Project Management

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF): Overview With Calculation

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) is a technique for prioritizing work items to ensure the biggest profit for the business….
Galina Vasiljcuk
Calendar Icon November 30, 2023


10 Best Organization Apps to Try in 2024

Best organization apps to try in 2024 are ToDoist, Apple Reminders, Plaky, Trello, Calendly, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Evernote, Clockify, and Poc…
Isidora Djekic
Calendar Icon November 29, 2023

Project Management

What Is Resource Allocation: The Ultimate Guide for Project Managers

Resource allocation entails identifying all finite resources in your project and distributing them to increase efficiency….
Luka Bogavac
Calendar Icon November 29, 2023

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