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Building a Modern Project Management Tool — How Plaky Came to Be

The journey of project management software — how Plaky went from an idea to a tool we use on a daily basis….
Luka Bogavac
Calendar Icon May 22, 2024

Project Management

How to Improve a Remote Workflow by Centralizing Tasks

Task centralization platforms like Plaky help remote teams collaborate and communicate efficiently to achieve success….
Isidora Djekic
Calendar Icon May 15, 2024

Project Management

Project Manager’s Guide to Surviving a Surge of New Projects

Simple tips for managing a sudden surge of new projects · 1. Assess the situation · 2. Manage all projects in one place · 3. Prioritize projects…
Milica Lukić
Calendar Icon May 13, 2024

Project Management

8 Gantt Chart Examples to Improve Your Project Management

Top 8 Gantt chart examples for project management: 1. Event planning Gantt chart, 2. Software engineering Gantt chart, 3. Business plan Gantt chart….
Galina Vasiljcuk
Calendar Icon April 22, 2024

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