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Plaky - HR management software

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Attraction, recruitment, selection

With Plaky you can optimize your entire employee recruiting processes.

Build and maintain a good candidate pipeline to ensure you have the best people available for each role.

Visualize every aspect of the recruitment pathway and watch as your team completes projects, without any major obstacles.

Induction, orientation, onboarding

From the employee joining until the employee is at optimum productivity level. Make sure onboarding is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Get new hires up-to-speed and ensure they become ingrained in the company’s culture fast.

Career planning and development

Improve talent and boost productivity with the right development plan.

From dealing with the performance management to boosting overall morale with engaging activities.

Keep all the data in one place. Gather feedback in Plaky for each activity and advance your training plan.

From recruitment to HR requests.
Jumpstart your projects with our ready-made templates

Workflow for every department.


Have full control over the candidates and manage the negotiation process.

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Employee onboarding

Track the progression of new hires from offer acceptance to day one.

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HR requests

Get a full control over internal processes.

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Feel the benefits of organizing the entire HR work in Plaky

Streamline repeatable processes

From request chaos to one centralized view. Do cross-team work and involve all the relevant people in the project. Transfer files, designs and correspondence, right in your tasks. Comment, share files and receive update notifications.

Your data in one place

Avoid pitfalls by setting due-dates and statuses to all of the important tasks. Assign the right people to task so everyone knows what needs to be done. Get notified when changes occur and act timely to solve any possible issues.

Coordinated communication

Access the activities on your project with just one look. Label and categorize your tasks with urgency statuses and then filter the board so you know what needs your attention. See where the teammates stand with their work and make sure execution runs smoothly.