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Speed up the execution process of your projects by having one collaborative space for sharing files.

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What can files do for you & your team


Your project’s files are all over the place. You can’t find what you’re looking for. Versions of the same document just keep piling up.


Plaky got you covered, by letting you add an unlimited number of files to your project, all in one place, so you & your team can access them anytime & easily stay in context.

Establish a centralized document sharing hub

Access the file you need, fast. Store, organize, and manage your team’s assets on one centralized platform and instantly find what you need.

Upload files of any format from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.

Stay updated of the latest versions

Get notified when a new file has been added to the task card you are assigned to, you follow, or when you’ve been mentioned regarding the latest changes. All the updates are homed in the notification center, under the bell icon.

Speed the approval process

Forget about the endless email chains. Simply mention the right person or a whole team in your task card so they receive instant notification. This way you’ll speed up the process and get the answer you need, right away.

Control who gets access

Set permissions to make sure only the right people see end edit files - whether stakeholders, freelancers, or clients.

Store your data confidently on a platform that’s aligned with the strictest security measures.

Sharing files has never been easier

How does files sharing work?

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