Plaky for Software Development

Manage product roadmaps, sprints, backlogs, and more, all in one place.

Organize your Development processes with one tool

Ship faster for better results.

Maximize productivity

Prioritize tasks with status column. Improve collaboration and speed up the approval process by communicating and sharing files, right in the task.

Reduce risk

Bring flexibility to your team. Map out processes, share updates, provide feedback, get notifications and launch your projects on time.

Track progress

Visualize your project with Kanban view. Be able to access your data and the progress of your tasks just by looking at it.

How to use Plaky for your
Development projects

Bug & issue tracking

Easily record and track bugs and assign them to the right team members at the right time with the bug tracking template.
Create a single source of truth to help your team prioritize against the big picture goals while continuously delivering value to customers.

Don’t start from scratch.
Kick-off your projects faster with our:

Bug tracking template

Bug tracking template

Plan a product roadmap

Plan your product roadmap and outline steps your team needs to take to achieve them so everyone knows the direction you're headed.
Communicate initiatives of your organization, the ones that are available right now, as well the solutions that will be implemented in the future.

Don’t start from scratch.
Kick-off your projects faster with our:

Product Roadmap template

Product launch template

Product launch template