pricing guide for 2023: costs and value

In today’s contemporary environment of project management and collaboration, finding the right tool to make things smoother and help your team manage tasks & workflows better is really important.

A tool that’s been recognised and widely used is It is a cloud-based task management tool suitable for both newcomers and seasoned experts. 

It has a bunch of different features, as well as various pricing plans. Similar to any other platform, it has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about what has, how much it costs and why Plaky is the best alternative to

The software offers 5 different plans: Free, Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. 

While Free plan has limitations on the most essential features, such as the number of users and boards, the more advanced plans, such as basic, standard, pro and enterprise, provide enhanced permissions & security, support, organization, and efficiency – almost anything a business needs to run smoothly.

How much does cost?

The pricing for varies based on the package that aligns with your requirements.

The Individual plan is complementary and accommodates up to 2 users. The other packages provide diverse features and start from $8

  • Individual: No cost, suitable for up to 2 users.
  • Basic: Priced at $8 per user per month, billed annually
  • Standard: Available at $10 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Pro: Priced at $19 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: Customized to the specific needs of each organization. offers pricing that begins at $24 per month, catering to 3 users, and escalates depending on the selected plan and the size of your team.

For instance, for a project team comprising 20 individuals opting for the widely favoured PRO plan of, the monthly cost would amount to $380, resulting in an annual total of $4,560. However, if your team size doubles to 40 individuals, the monthly billing for the same PRO plan would increase to $760, totalling $9,120 for a full year.

For teams comprising 40 users or more, you can reach out to sales department to receive a precise quotation tailored to your needs.

The Pricing plans explained

It’s important to understand the features, limitations, and productivity benefits that come with each plan. Knowing what each plan offers, its restrictions, and how it enhances your team’s productivity is crucial.

The Free Plan Individual plan is limited and best suited for a solo worker who simply wants a list of their tasks. It’s restricted to two members.

The Free Plan includes:

  • Main Boards: Accessible to all team members, with a limit of 200 items initially. You can earn an extra 100 items per successful referral.
  • Communication: @mention for contextual communication and team file management in the updates section of each item.
  • Simple Search: Filters on boards to find tasks or specific information. Advanced “Search Everything” is available on higher-tier plans.
  • Kanban View: Visualize board content using the Kanban framework.
  • monday workdocs: Central hub for brainstorming, planning, and executing work and ideas.
  • Apps: Access apps marketplace for additional tools and features.

The limitations of  the Free Plan:

  • Limited Members: It allows users to have only two members in the organization.
  • Limited BoardsRestricted use of only 3 boards
  • No Viewers or Guests: Guests or viewers cannot be invited on this plan.
  • Limited Items: The plan permits up to 200 items. Regardless of the number of boards, the total items must stay within this limit. 
  • Limited Column Center: Although many columns are available, powerful ones like Formula and Time Tracking are not accessible.
  • No Automations or Integrations: Automations and integrations are not available in the Free Plan.

The Basic plan

Priced at $8 per user, the Basic plan caters to 3 users. It encompasses features from the Individual plan and includes these added enhancements:

  • 5 GB File Storage: Get 5 GB of space to store project-related files like documents and images.
  • Unlimited Viewers: Invite as many viewers as needed to your account, allowing them to see your boards without affecting billing.
  • Unlimited Items: Create and manage an unlimited number of tasks or items within your boards.
  • Prioritized Customer Support: Access quicker and more focused assistance from’s support team.
  • Dashboard (1 Board): Create a dashboard pulling data from one board for visual project insights.

The standard plan

Among pricing offerings, the Standard Plan stands out as the most popular choice, incorporating all features of the Basic Plan and introducing the following improvements:

  • Shareable Boards: Shareable Boards facilitate collaboration with external users (guests) by granting them access to specific projects without full account privileges.
  • Limited Guests: With the Standard Plan, you can include three guests at no extra cost. The fourth guest is counted as a billed team member, with groups of four guests constituting one billed team member.
  • Timeline View: Utilize the timeline view to visually organize items based on dates within the Timeline column
  • 20 GB File Storage: Benefit from 20 GB of file storage capacity.
  • Activity Log: Access an activity log to track changes and actions on your boards.
  • Advanced Filter Search: Utilize Search Everything to comprehensively search across your account for files, updates, and items. Additionally, employ the board filter to refine information within a specific board.
  • Calendar View: Visualize tasks with date and/or timeline columns in a customizable calendar view. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly displays and select the columns you want to appear. Learn more here.
  • Map View: Experience a consolidated map displaying Location and/or Country Columns. Explore this feature’s functionality here.
  • 5 Boards per Dashboard: Dashboards consolidate key data in one place using 15 widgets. In the Standard plan, create multiple dashboards, each aggregating information from up to 5 boards.
  • 250 Automations/Integrations: Streamline processes and integrate with platforms like Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, and calendars. Standard plan offers 250 actions each for Automations and Integrations monthly.
  • 20 GB Storage: Benefit from increased storage space to accommodate files, images, and essential documents.

The PRO plan

The Pro Plan, utilized during a trial period, and stands as the most advanced offering in lineup. It encompasses both Basic and Standard Plan features while introducing these additional capabilities:

  • Advanced Permission and Restriction Settings: Exercise greater control over who can view and edit content through board and column permissions and restrictions.
  • Private Boards: Create boards visible only to the board creator and invited members, ideal for initial planning before team involvement.
  • Workload View: Gain a clear overview of your team’s task distribution, identifying overburdened members and assigning tasks accordingly.
  • Higher Automations/Integrations Limit: The Pro plan provides 25,000 actions for both Automations and Integrations monthly, offering advanced process automation.
  • Chart View: Unlock the Chart View for comprehensive data visualization, in addition to other available views.
  • Full Access to Column Center: Enjoy unrestricted access to the Column Center, including advanced features like the Time Tracking Column and Formula Column.
  • Formula Column: Perform calculations with other columns, accommodating both simple equations and complex functions.
  • Time Tracking Column: Track task durations with the Time Tracking Column.
  • 10 Boards per Dashboard: Each dashboard can aggregate information from up to 10 boards.
  • Google Authentication: Enhance security by logging into your account through your Google account.
  • 100 GB Storage: Expand your storage space to accommodate files and documents.

The Enterprise Plan

Among offerings, the Enterprise Plan stands at the pinnacle. It builds upon the comprehensive Pro Plan features, introducing enhancements that redefine project management experience. 

  • 250,000 Automations/Integrations: Experience extensive process automation and platform integration with 250,000 actions each for Automations and Integrations per month.
  • 50 Boards per Dashboard: Dashboards can now consolidate information from up to 50 boards, offering even greater project insights.
  • Advanced Security Features: Benefit from advanced security measures including the “panic button” for momentary account blocking, session timeout controls, and more.
  • Single Sign-On (SAML): Streamline access with SAML account integration, supporting platforms like Okta, OneLogin, and custom SAML.
  • HIPAA Compliance Program: Access resources to ensure account security and compliance with legal requirements.
  • IP Restrictions: Admins can pre-define specific IP addresses for account access, enhancing security and control.
  • Audit Log: Admins can monitor team member activities, logins, devices used, and IP addresses for added security vigilance.
  • 1000 GB Storage: Expand storage capacity for files, images, and essential documents.

Is the right solution for you?

Whether is the right solution for you depends on your team’s specific needs, your budget, and your willingness to invest time in learning and configuring the platform to best suit your project workflow. Consider these pros and cons carefully when making your decision. offers several advantages for teams looking to streamline their work processes. The platform’s versatility allows it to be suitable for various team sizes and industries. Its intuitive interface employs visual project management, making task tracking and collaboration more accessible.

Customization is a key feature, enabling teams to create workflows tailored to their specific needs. This level of flexibility extends to communication and collaboration tools, contributing to seamless teamwork. Additionally, integrates with a range of apps and platforms, enhancing overall productivity.

The platform provides insightful data visualization through dashboards and reporting features, offering a clear understanding of project status and performance. Automation capabilities further improve efficiency by reducing manual tasks.

However, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks. Learning some advanced features might take time, and costs can escalate as you add more users and features. For simple task tracking,’s extensive capabilities could potentially lead to overcomplication. 

There’s also a degree of dependency on the platform, which might pose challenges if you need to switch solutions in the future.

While there is a mobile app available, its features might be more limited compared to the desktop version. Lastly, smaller teams could find the platform’s comprehensive capabilities overwhelming.

Conversely, there exist tools that can significantly enhance the project management journey, providing a smoother and more streamlined experience. One such platform that stands out from the competition is Plaky, which capitalizes on essential features to simplify tasks and processes.

What is’s alternative, Plaky?

Plaky is project management software with an extensive free plan. There are no limits on the number of users, projects, tasks, or files you can have. Plaky simplifies any workflow and ensures all team members are on the same page.

You can create boards from scratch or use one of the ready-made project templates applicable to various industries, such as software development, marketing, sales, HR, and more. 

Plaky is used by a diverse array of small to medium-sized businesses across various industries seeking to optimize their operational processes, enhance strategic efficiency, and elevate overall productivity levels.

How do and Plaky compare?

Both and Plaky are task and project management tools, but the key distinction between them lies in the basic functionalities. 

While has limitations on the most essential features, such as the number of users and boards, Plaky stands out by providing an unlimited number of users, projects, tasks and files even in its free plan. 

This means that unlike, with Plaky’s FREE plan, you have the freedom to invite as many people from your company as you need, create an unlimited number of projects, and start collaborating with no costs involved. 

Another significant difference is the visual representation. Plaky has a sleeker and more modern appearance compared to, featuring a default dark mode that can effortlessly switch to a light version with just a button. 

Its color scheme and color-coded tasks contribute to its user-friendly and intuitive design, making it easy for even inexperienced users of such tools to navigate and utilize effectively.

Considering the pricing plans, Plaky’s paid plans are exceptionally budget-friendly and offer remarkable value, starting at just $3.99 per user per month. Both PRO & ENTERPRISE plans provide everything available in the free version and additionally come with fewer or no restrictions on storage per file, custom fields, and activity log history.

Moreover, with the paid plans, you gain enhanced board and workspace permissions, allowing you to precisely control the level of access users have to edit and modify the structure, settings, and content of your projects. 

Compared to, whose paid plans start at $8 per user per month, Plaky sets itself apart with its highly competitive pricing and an exceptional feature set. making it a compelling choice for teams seeking a cost-effective and powerful project management solution.

As a quick comparison, if you have a team of 30 users, opting for’s widely used PRO plan would incur a monthly expense of $570. In contrast, with Plaky, you could achieve substantial savings by securing the same number of user seats for only $119 when billed annually.

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