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Plaky - Team Collaboration Software

What does a team collaboration software do?

Team collaboration tools are a go-to for users who collaborate on shared projects.

It clears the way for communication between team members by providing a secure and informal space to directly message one another, talk as a group, and share relevant content, no matter where they are.

Team collaboration software ensures everyone is involved, engaged, and connected.

Key benefits of using Plaky’s team collaboration software

Coordinated team actions

Have access to tasks and milestones as either assignee or reviewer to determine task-related activities.

Let everyone in your team knows who’s doing what, and adjust your plans so you can easily discuss work and ideas.

Transparent communication

Provides a less formal and more responsive space for conversation between employees.

Everything is out in the open, and everyone can easily stay in the context.

Accountability in execution

Have clear ownership of tasks and communicate with the team in the most transparent way.

Keep an eye on progress by receiving notifications and alerts when changes occur.

Centralized documentation

Terminate information silos by organizing everything work-related within your board.

Share all sorts of files and keep details about them in the task, so team members can always find the information they need.

Always in the loop

It’s important to know what are your teammates activities regarding your project.

See all that happens on a board or an item through the activity log.

How to use team collaboration features for daily tasks


Discuss ideas, give feedback, highlight key points, use checklists, all in the task.


Like a tap on the shoulder — get the attention from a colleague or a team.


Google Docs, PDFs, JPGs, etc. Share files straight in the task.


Stay on top of things. Get notified by bell or email about comments and changes.