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Organize your projects and processes

Plaky helps companies and individuals keep track of their work and improve their productivity.

Improve planning

Create to-dos, assign team members, and organize work.

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Align teams

Have one place for all collaboration and information sharing.

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Finish tasks

See deadlines and see status at a glance so you can act on time.

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Manage tasks and collaborate with your team all in one place.

Task management

Tasks Write all your to-dos and keep them in one place.

Assignees Assign teammates so everyone knows who works on what.

Fields Add custom information and color code tasks.

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Team collaboration

Members Invite teammates and collaborate on tasks together.

Comments Discuss work and leave feedback right in tasks.

Notifications Get notified when there's an update or someone mentions you.

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Progress tracking

Status See the status of all existing work at a glance.

Filters Filter tasks by priority, due date, status, or any other dimension.

Views Visualize your tasks in a variety of ways and save custom views.

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Plaky use cases

Plaky lets you manage all types of work, from marketing campaigns and client project to software development and event planning.

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Manage projects on the go

Organize tasks • Assign members • Discuss work • Share files • Get notified

Have your projects at your fingertips. Access tasks and updates anywhere you go and stay informed of the latest progress.

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