Plaky Roadmap

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Displays what's important in one place for better understanding of project progress.

Data import

Easily import boards from other apps directly into your Plaky account.

Transfer ownership

Transfer board ownership from one person to another and make sure each board has its owner.

Timeline column

Displays a timeline for any item. Just lay out the start and end dates and keep everyone aligned.

In Progress

Browser and mobile notifications

Easily track all of the important events and changes, with mobile & browser notifications.

Move items to another board

Have the option to move your items to another board.

Views: Favourites

Define your favorite views to access them more easily.

Creation log: filter and sort

Filter or sort per item creator or creation date.

Summary row

It shows a summary of your columns on the group level.

Bulk actions

You’ll have the option to edit, duplicate, delete or move multiple items at once.

Recently Finished

Convert column type

Change the type of an existing column without losing your data.

Data export

Export your the data from your boards in CSV.

Duplicate column

Choose to duplicate the column with or without its content .

Live data reload

It will automatically reload your data, when new data changes are detected.

Smart changes overview

You can now get a better review of item changes inside notifications.

Duplicate item

Quickly make a copy of your item with or without its comments and files.

Android app

Have the Plaky app with you, on your Android phone, wherever you go.

Default item value

Quickly and easily set up specific values that will automatically be applied to all new items on your board.

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