ClickUp Pricing: Is ClickUp Worth Paying For? (2024)

ClickUp is a well-recognized and widely adopted cloud-based task management tool designed for users of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. 

Read on for a comprehensive overview of ClickUp pricing plans, their features, and how the platform compares to some other more affordable alternatives.

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How much does ClickUp cost?

There are 4 ClickUp pricing plans available:

  • Free,
  • Unlimited,
  • Business, and
  • Enterprise. 

Here’s a quick ClickUp pricing comparison:

ClickUp planMonthly priceYearly price

ClickUp also offers an optional add-on — ClickUp AI — for $5/member/month.

ClickUp pricing
ClickUp pricing (source:

ClickUp’s pricing plans explained

Let’s see what each ClickUp plan offers in more detail.

ClickUp Free Forever plan

ClickUp’s Free Forever plan is ideal for personal use and individuals and small business owners who won’t necessarily require extensive project workflow and organizational features.

Some of the best features available with the Free Forever plan include:

  • Unlimited tasks, custom views, and free plan members,
  • Access to collaborative docs and whiteboards,
  • Real-time communication in Chat view,
  • In-app video recording, and
  • 24/7 customer support.
ClickUp whiteboards
ClickUp whiteboards (source:

However, the Free Forever plan may not be the ideal solution for long-term use since it limits key feature usage to:

  • 5 Spaces,
  • Only 100 MB of storage,
  • 100 lists and folders per space,
  • 60 uses of custom fields,
  • 60 uses of Gantt, Timeline, and Workload views,
  • 1-day activity log, 
  • 60 uses of time tracking, and more.

The Free Forever plan isn’t AI-compatible either, so you wouldn’t be able to get the ClickUp AI add-on.

Usage comparison of ClickUp plans
Usage comparison of ClickUp plans (source:

ClickUp Unlimited plan

The Unlimited plan is designed for small teams and is the cheapest paid plan offered by ClickUp.

In comparison to the free plan, the Unlimited offers quite a few upgrades and advanced features, including:

  • Unlimited Spaces and file storage,
  • Unlimited Gantt charts, custom fields, dashboards, and integrations,
  • Guest permissions,
  • Goals and Portfolios, 
  • Email in ClickUp,
  • Live chat support, and more.
ClickUp Goals
ClickUp Goals (source:

Apart from being AI-compatible, the Unlimited plan also offers the flexibility to grant guest access to users outside your organization, facilitating project collaboration

That said, the plan imposes certain restrictions, limiting:

  • Lists and folders to 200 per Space, and
  • Team, Timeline, Workload, Map, and Mind Map view to 100 uses,
  • Subtasks to 100 uses,
  • The activity log to 7 days, and
  • User groups to only 1 team.

Much like the Free Forever plan, the Unlimited plan is also severely limited security-wise. Plus, despite it being a paid plan, you still don’t get priority support.

ClickUp Business plan

ClickUp’s Business plan targets mid-sized teams and is currently one of the most popular plans the platform offers.

Along with everything in the Unlimited plan, the Business plan also offers:

  • Unlimited use of whiteboards and Team, Timeline, Workload, Map, and Mind Map views,
  • Unlimited user groups (teams) and activity log,
  • Advanced public sharing, automations, and dashboard features,
  • Advanced time tracking and reporting (e.g., billable reports and timesheets),
  • Unlimited active rules and 10,000 automation executions, multiple actions, and conditions,
  • Advanced automations (Webhooks, email, SMS, and integrations),
  • Required 2-factor authentication, Google SSO, and more.
ClickUp automations
ClickUp automations (source:

Despite all this, the Business plan still lacks crucial features, such as:

  • Priority support,
  • Universal search functionality,
  • Unlimited subtasks,
  • Microsoft, custom SAML, and Okta Single Sign-On, and
  • Custom permissions and roles.

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ClickUp Enterprise plan

Designed for large enterprises, ClickUp’s Enterprise plan offers a series of premium features, including:

  • Unlimited tasks, subtasks, Spaces, lists, folders, and custom views,
  • Universal search,
  • Unlimited active rules and 250,000 automations,
  • White labeling,
  • Custom roles and advanced permissions,
  • Default personal views,
  • Google, Microsoft, custom, and Okta SSO,
  • Priority support, and
  • Access to managed services. 
ClickUp white labeling
ClickUp white labeling (source:

Unlike any other ClickUp plan, the Enterprise plan also gives you access to a dedicated success manager, as well as onboarding and admin training webinars.

Optional add-on: ClickUp AI

Recently, ClickUp also introduced an optional AI add-on that users can add to any paid plan.

The add-on consists of 3 different AI-powered components:

  • AI Knowledge Manager — a Q&A AI tool that helps users stay informed about their tasks, projects, and docs,
  • AI Project Manager — an AI sidekick that automates project-related work, and
  • AI Writer for Work — an AI writing assistant that helps users create and improve their content with AI prompts and inputs.

Is ClickUp the right solution for you?

Though ClickUp is a top-tier project management software for businesses, it may not be the best option for your particular needs.

In general, ClickUp is a comprehensive tool that aims to replace multiple apps, allowing you to keep all your project tasks and activities in one place. This makes ClickUp a good option for team collaboration and companies that want to consolidate their processes within one platform.

ClickUp offers a variety of productivity features too, such as Goals, that come in handy for both individuals and teams looking to enhance their output at work. 

The free version of ClickUp is also an appealing choice for freelancers and solopreneurs seeking improved organization and efficient task management tools.

ClickUp user interface
ClickUp user interface (source:

That said, ClickUp’s advanced (and most useful) functionalities, including key security and support features, are only available with its 2 most expensive plans (Business and Enterprise). This ultimately makes ClickUp a rather hefty monthly or yearly investment. 

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Need an affordable ClickUp alternative? Consider Plaky

If you’re looking for more straightforward and affordable project management software, explore alternatives such as Plaky.

A single project board in Plaky
A single project board in Plaky

Plaky is a project management tool that sets itself apart with highly competitive pricing and an exceptional feature set — even on its free plan.

Plaky’s Free Forever plan comes with a range of useful features, such as:

  • Unlimited users, spaces, items, and item groups,
  • Unlimited boards and table and Kanban views,
  • Unlimited teams,
  • Unlimited storage (files up to 10 MB in size),
  • Custom notifications,
  • 7-day activity log
  • Premade industry-specific project templates,
  • Google and Apple SSO,
  • 24/7 customer support, and more.

And if that’s not enough, Plaky also has 2 paid plans – Pro and Enterprise.

Plaky pricing plans
Plaky pricing plans

The most notable features of Plaky’s Pro plan include:

  • A 6-month activity log,
  • 25 MB size cap per file,
  • Timeline field,
  • Private boards and spaces,
  • New user role — viewers,
  • Bulk actions and task templates,
  • Gantt view,
  • Custom board templates, and more.

Meanwhile, Plaky’s Enterprise plan takes it up a notch with additional advanced features, including:

  • Unlimited number of fields,
  • Unlimited activity log,
  • Board permissions,
  • 100 MB size cap per file,
  • Customized user profiles,
  • Custom organization subdomain, and
  • Custom OAuth2 SSO.

How do ClickUp and Plaky compare?

While ClickUp has limitations on some of the essential features, Plaky stands out by making the most necessary functionalities unlimited even on its free plan.

For example, Plaky allows you to create an unlimited number of spaces, boards, items, and item groups. 

Moreover, it gives you the freedom to add an unlimited number of teams and organize all team members into separate departments or groups.

Plaky vs ClickUp feature comparison
Plaky vs ClickUp feature comparison

If we compare them visually, both Plaky and ClickUp are well designed. However, while ClickUp’s interface may appear densely populated with too many elements to count, Plaky has adopted a simpler and cleaner approach — which makes it easier to navigate and use in the long run.

What’s more, Plaky’s paid plans are far more affordable in comparison to ClickUp’s Unlimited and Business plans.

Here’s how the annual paid plans of these 2 apps compare depending on the number of people in your company.

Team sizePlaky ProPlaky Enterprise ClickUp UnlimitedClickUp Business 

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Is ClickUp free?

If you want to use ClickUp for free, go for its Free Forever plan. However, as that plan is mainly limited to personal use, teams and companies may want to choose one of its paid plans.

How much does ClickUp cost per person?

ClickUp’s pricing depends on the plan you choose and whether you pay for your subscription monthly or annually. 

Yearly ClickUp Unlimited subscriptions start at $7/user/month. Meanwhile, ClickUp’s Business plan will set you back $12/user/month when billed annually.

To learn about ClickUp’s Enterprise pricing, you have to contact the sales team for a quote.

As for ClickUp’s AI pricing, you can add the AI add-on to any plan for $5/user/month. 

How many people can use ClickUp for free?

ClickUp currently allows an unlimited number of users on its free plan, so if you want to use the Free Forever plan, you can include all your team members in it.

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Does ClickUp offer discounts?

ClickUp offers discounts to non-profit organizations and educators. Contact the support team for more information and a custom quote.

Why is ClickUp so popular?

ClickUp is popular due to the sheer number of features the platform offers across its plans and a robust Free Forever plan that’s great for personal use.

Is ClickUp worth it?

ClickUp is worth it if you have a large software budget and are looking for a comprehensive task management tool with project management and productivity features you will use daily. 

If you don’t plan on using all of the features or have a small team with more straightforward organizational needs, ClickUp’s paid plans may not be a worthwhile investment.

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Need a more user-friendly and affordable ClickUp alternative? Try Plaky

ClickUp stands out with its comprehensive paid plans and a robust free plan suitable for freelancers and personal use.

The number of features available across ClickUp’s plans is impressive, so it can be an optimal solution for many businesses looking to enhance their project management systems.

However, ClickUp’s pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum, and the platform itself can be overwhelming to use on a daily basis.

If that’s a dealbreaker for you, consider trying out a more affordable ClickUp alternative such as Plaky. 

With an extensive free plan and 2 paid plans that can easily cater to all your business needs, Plaky distinguished itself as the more flexible, customizable, and user-friendly project management platform.

Eager to start using Plaky? If you’re looking to have all your project and task management needs met, sign up for a free Plaky account.

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