Why use Plaky

Running a business can feel overwhelming when managing teams, balancing meetings, answering phone calls and going through endless emails. Without a solid system to streamline your projects, things can get really complicated.

68% projects fail due to poor management

Plaky helps you

Plan projects
Align teams
Track progress

Plan projects


37% of projects don't succeed because of poor planning.


Map out each project step in Plaky and organize all your work in one place.

Plaky project planning

How it works

  • Create a board for each project and a card for each task so you have a plan of what needs to be done.

  • Add type, status, dependency, and urgency columns to track useful information.

  • Keep your work centralized by uploading all documents and files to their tasks.

  • Create subtasks to break items into smaller actionable steps, each with its own assignee or custom field.

Align teams


38% of companies have confusion about team roles, responsibilities, and who works on what.


Create assignees in Plaky so everyone knows exactly what's expected of them.

Plaky team collaboration

How it works

  • Invite your teammates to Plaky

  • Add a person column to a board and assign the right teammate to each task

  • Comment on a task and use @mention to get a member's attention.

  • Be reminded when a task approaches its deadline.

  • Subscribe to a task to stay informed about all the updates.

Track progress


75% of companies go over deadlines because they can't keep track of each task's status.


Rearrange and filter your tasks by status, and save them as custom views for each purpose.

Plaky progress tracking

How it works

  • Add multiple status columns, and color-code each task.

  • Sort items by status, date, person, or any other custom dimension.

  • Use filter to quickly find all tasks that matches text, tag, description, comment, or a file.

  • View items in Table or Kanban view to get a birds-eye view of your project.

  • Customize each view and save it so you can quickly access it.

  • Receive notifications about updates and due-dates so you can avoid potential risks and meet deadlines.

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Plaky offers all project management features you need, without limits.

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited tasks

  • Unlimited users

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