Different user role and permissions in Plaky

User roles help define the permissions and actions that users can perform within Plaky.

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How can user roles improve your work

Control the access & the security of your projects

By assigning specific roles in Plaky you’re setting a granular system of control in place over who can access and modify project information.

Assign only authorized individuals to have access to sensitive data, minimizing the likelihood of unapproved changes or leaks.

User roles by the access level

Based on different permissions to perform various actions, user roles in Plaky are the following:


Admins create the organization. They have all permissions available on one account. They can modify and configure the space, one or more, modify, configure and change boards and tasks, control access permissions for other users and transfer ownership of any entity to the team member of their choice.


Members are the space team members that have permissions to do: Board (create/edit; invite to private boards)
Item (create/edit)
Folder (create/edit)
Users (invite members to board/item)
Account (edit their own account)
Comments and files (add)


Viewers are team members that can read all the content available in the space they’re invited to, but cannot modify or change any configuration and don’t have any editing permissions.

Functions of different User roles in Plaky

User management

For a better overview of the user roles in your organisation use the user management log to Invite users
and manage their access levels from a single place.

How does files sharing work?

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