Organize the information of your project with fields

Fields in Plaky provide a structured way to categorize, sort, filter, and analyze information within your board.

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What can fields do for you & your team

Categorize project information in a structured way

Fields offer a structured approach to categorizing project-related information. By assigning attributes like task names, due dates, or assignees to fields, it becomes easy to group and sort tasks based on the defined criteria. This enables efficient tracking and management of data.

Customize fields to suit your project requirements

In Plaky you can add, remove, or modify fields based on your team's needs and the specific characteristics of your projects. This flexibility ensures that the fields adapt to your unique workflow, allowing you to capture and showcase the most relevant information.

Visualize the data according to your preferences

Track project progress at a glance by visualizing your fields. Color code your status, so you can quickly assess the current state of tasks or projects. Fields assists you and your team in prioritizing critical tasks, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring that projects stay on track.

Different field types in Plaky to easily
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