Visualize timelines with Gantt chart software

Plaky’s Gantt chart tool provides an overview of your project's journey, from start to finish.

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Best Gantt chart software to put your projects into perspective

Plaky task management screenshot

Oversee progress

Monitor progress by visually depicting tasks and timelines in a horizontal bar format. This enables easy tracking of start and end dates.

By observing these bars' progression and their positions on the timeline, you can effectively track project progress and identify potential delays or bottlenecks.

Understand task durations

Plaky’s intuitive depiction of task length helps users identify overlapping tasks and track progress timelines.

This type of project management software with Gantt chart helps you effectively manage project planning and execution.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Tailor your view

Customizable settings in the Gantt chart view empower you to personalize your project management approach.

Adjusting fields, grouping, coloring, and labeling criteria, not only improves project organization, but also streamlines collaboration, and decision-making processes within teams.

Flexible gantt chart features for customized timelines

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Visual timeline

Provides a clear and intuitive representation of project tasks and their respective durations.

Drag & drop

Easily adjust task schedules by moving them horizontally along the timeline.

Tailored time period

Customize the displayed time intervals, such as day, week, month, quarter, or year, according to your preferences.

Customizable grouping, coloring, and labeling

Personalize task organization, appearance, and categorization based on your unique project requirements.