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Resource Planning Template

Identify and organize the resources you’ll need to complete your project, whether they are materials, equipment, or even people.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Date field, Status field with labels, Tag field, Link field and Number field.

Everything you need to efficiently plan & and manage your resources

Is determining the quantities needed for each resource a challenge?
Does everyone involved act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to streamline the process of managing your resources in one place.

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Keep your team aligned

Share critical information

Track project performance

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Benefits of using Resource planning template

Plan the quantities of your resources

Transparency is important to make sure that resources are always available to match capacity. Set up the process at the beginning and provide insights along the way by dedicating a task for each of your resources and a field for the number or quantity needed.

Align with the project schedule and budget

Prevent overspending and make sure you meet deadlines and targets. Our resource plan template is critical for procurement and keeping on schedule. Assign a responsible person, share the budget in a separate field, and dates to indicate a start and a finish.

Keep everyone in the team informed

Get your team on the same page. Share all data related to each of your resource right in the task card. Upload files, @mention people or a whole team and let them be notified right away about any changes and updates.

Resource planning template in three simple steps

Project structure

1. Give your project a structure

Start planning your project from start to finish. Gather all your resources in one place, organize them and connect them to each individual task.

Define the groups of your board as stages or teams and categorize it further with fields for better organization of your data.

Assign owners

2. Assign owners & streamline the communication

Bring any parties involved in procurement and resource management as team members, assign them to tasks, start a conversation & collaborate straight in the task card.

The use of our resource plan template makes it easy to share and keeps everyone on the same page.

Track progress

3. Monitor & track your resources

Fields in Plaky can categorize your tasks in many ways. Distinguish what’s urgent with status field. Let team members know what needs to be done just by looking at the board.

Change status updates and let everyone be informed of the progress.

The features you’ll love in the Resource planning template

Customized Fields

Place all the necessary information in a customized field, such as start date, due date, budget, quantity, teams, documentation and Owner field so each resource has its dedicated person.

Status field


Filters can help you track specific details. You can easily narrow it down to the right information, like high priority tasks or due date, and make sure nothing gets blocked.

Filtering the way you view your projects, gives you clarity and vision where you are and where you want to go.

Board views

Have your projects visually sorted by status for a better overview of progress. Drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes in Kanban view, to make the organization of your board much easier.

By having your tasks sorted by relevance, you make your projects transparent and leave almost no space for misinterpretation.


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