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Plaky task management screenshot Plaky task management screenshot

Manage change with Plaky in a more agile way

Bring flexibility and collaboration to your team with the most essential features.

Plaky task management screenshot

Reduce risk

Empower your team to approach problems in a more flexible and dynamic way with Plaky.

Map out processes, share updates, provide feedback, get notifications and launch your projects on time.

Embrace iteration

Build, refine, and improve your product, until you’re satisfied with the end result.

Use Kanban boards to visualize your entire project from start to finish. Track everything from sprint planning to launch dates.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Collaborate productively

Post right in your tasks. Ask questions, make announcements, add comments, give feedback. Keep a close and prompt communication with your teammates.

Quickly access all the history and act according to the context.

Continuously improve your projects
with Plaky

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Get fast feedback

Collect and centralize product feedback and make informed decisions for future developments.

Track bugs

Avoid the guesswork. In one place, detect bugs, report them and identify who will be responsible to fix the issue.

Launch new products

Deliver better results by laying out your goals in front of your team. Use our product launch template, and get your product on the market faster.

Make agile sprint plans

Bring clarity to your team. Plan sprints, set milestones, priority, launch dates and organize your backlog, all in one place.

Manage your projects with one
of our ready-made development templates

Bug tracking

Ideal for tracking bugs and resolving
issues faster.

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Product launch

Ideal for aligning teams on bringing products and features to market.

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