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Organize your projects and processes

Plaky helps companies and individuals keep track of their work and improve their productivity.

Improve planning

Create to-dos, assign team members, and organize work.

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Align teams

Have one place for all collaboration and information sharing.

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Finish tasks

See deadlines and see status at a glance so you can act on time.

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Manage tasks and collaborate with your team all in one place.

Task management


Write all your to-dos and keep them in one place.


Assign teammates so everyone knows who works on what.


Add custom information and color code tasks.

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Team collaboration


Invite teammates and collaborate on tasks together.


Discuss work and leave feedback right in tasks.


Get notified when there's an update or someone mentions you.

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Progress tracking


See the status of all existing work at a glance.


Filter tasks by priority, due date, status, or any other dimension.


Visualize your tasks in a variety of ways and save custom views.

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Plaky use cases

Plaky handles all work, from marketing campaigns to software development.

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Have an overall game plan for reaching your marketing goals and align your whole team to your vision. Organize every aspect of your marketing projects in one place.

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With Plaky you can optimize your entire HR process, from the initial recruitment phase to the employee's onboarding and eventual peak productivity.

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From first contact to winning a deal. Track clients' journey across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Plaky for HR screenshot

Plaky lets you track account data, notes, and action items from opportunity to contracting.

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Plaky for Development screenshot

Manage user stories, bugs, refactoring, and knowledge acquisition seamlessly to expedite product development and delivery, all in one platform.

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Mobile Apps

Organize tasks • Assign members • Discuss work •
Share files • Get notified

Have your projects at your fingertips. Access tasks and updates anywhere you go and stay informed of the latest progress.

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Trusted by Companies Around the World

“Plaky simply made things faster”

Instead of having to hop on a call for half an hour, I go to Plaky, enter what I want, tag the person I need, ping them, they see it, and thats it. If I need to participate in the comments section, I put what I need. Plaky simply made things faster, it saved us the most time.

Vladimir Milic

CEO of VM Digital
“The best platform for organization”

We made a custom table and we managed to determine what and who needs to fill it up. So the department leader from each department knows and can predict when he will get the parts to them and can prepare all pre-processes to that moment that he will get it, so the production can be as fast as possible.

Jesse Tut

Founder and CEO of Guru
“With Plaky you will achieve more”

We tried a pilot version of Plaky, then we upgraded it, introduced it to the company, and implemented it into the process.”… All department leaders first look at the production plan. Everything is marked there: the priority, the handling, special comments, so there is no need to ask me silly questions

Matevz Lovko

Product Manager at Lepton-Quark
“Get rid of all the stress caused by uncertainty”

Generally speaking, we refer to a daily to-do list, but we also hold meetings where we define our long- and short-term goals. Thats why we use Plaky — it helps us keep up with our responsibilities without missing anything.

Nikola Glintic

Tax advisor and accountant at Fincon
“I have become a passionate Plaky user.”

Working on multiple projects requires structured attention to various tasks, roles, deadlines, and timely deliverables. Plaky serves as a valuable tool that enables us to stay methodical and organized in our work.

Milan Dragovic

Senior Scientist at North Metropolitan Health Service
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