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Scrum Board Template

Manage sprint plans, milestones, launch dates, and backlog, all while communicating together in one place.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Status field with labels, and Number field.

Everything you need to plan & and manage your sprints with confidence

Is prioritizing tasks, managing your team’s capacity, and tracking work from planning to completion a challenge?
Does everyone involved act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to make a killer sprint plan and deliver the most impactful agile projects.

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Iterate and continuously improve your processes

Share critical information

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scrum Board

Benefits of using Scrum board template

See a bird’s-eye view of all tasks

Get an overview of all your team’s tasks, including the status of each deliverable.

Recognize easily any problem areas

As a sprint board visualizes the top priorities and current issues, it’s impossible to not keep track of progress of the stages of your work - backlog, prioritized, developing etc.

Communicate directly where work happens

Collaborate with your team and stakeholders. Understand what needs to be done, by when, & keep all the documentation in one place.

Scrum board template in three simple steps

Centralize bugs

1. Structure your sprints

Start planning your project from start to finish in one, centralized workflow. Define the groups of your board as stages and categorize them further with fields for better organization of your data.


2. Add a clear owner and a deadline

Each item should clearly indicate who is the person responsible for the task and when it is due. Do more coordinated activities with ease by working on same tasks, and by assigning deadlines which are visible to all team members.

move bugs through workflow

3. Visualize & track your progress

Our Plaky sprint planning template displays your agile projects in a Kanban view. Group tasks by work stage in corresponding fields. As they enter a new stage, simply drag and drop the tasks to the new field.

The features you’ll love in the Scrum board template

Status field

Status field is essential in planning, organizing, and tracking all of your team's work according to status labels. Easily see if a task is yet to be completed, in progress, done, or whether its priority is high or medium.

Status field

Kanban view

Kanban board displays your project’s information in fields that are commonly organized by work status (To Do, Doing, and Done). You can adjust the field type depending on your project needs. Track work as it moves through stages and get at-a-glance insight into where your project stands.

Number field

It allows you to add numbers indicating story points. That way you’ll make sure all the important details of your project are easily understandable and accessible and your team knows where to put its focus.


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