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Plaky task management screenshot Plaky task management screenshot
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What is remote work software?

Remote work software is one unified solution for everything task-related. It lets you and your team organize work, wherever you are.

Remote work doesn't necessarily mean jeopardizing the company’s culture. On the contrary, as cloud-based software, Plaky offers remote work tools that keep your team connected, well-coordinated, and aligned with the business goals, all while working remotely.

Remote work challenges solved by Plaky:

1. Collaboration & alignment

Easy-to-follow collaboration patterns that will make everyone aligned.

From transparent project goals available to everyone, to clear responsibilities, linking each member to their own task. Communicate with teammates right in the task, share files and give feedback.

2. Managing time and distractions

Managing work when you can’t see it being done can be a real challenge.

Plaky empowers you to keep track of every step of the way. You can set a clear start and due dates, a status field to define the importance of your tasks, and advanced notification to keep you updated.

3. Ownership and clarity

Knowing who works what by when is crucial to stay organized.

Plaky makes it easy for everyone to see what they need to do. Define your project activities and assign the right people to accomplish the specific task.

4. Employee moral and accountability

Self-direction and setting a personal agenda can be difficult things.

Plaky understands your pain and offers safe space where you feel connected and lined up with the organizational values, goals, and processes. You’ll always be aware of the overall game plan.


Make the work-from-home experience better with Plaky

Easy task management

• Assignees • Fields • Teams

Assign the right person to your task and avoid misunderstanding. Delegate assignments and track their progress.

If you're unsure who to assign a task to or have tasks that require a department, create a Team!

For a detailed task information, add more fields. Use: links, status, text description, tag or number, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Coordinated collaboration

• Comments • Mention • Notification

Any sort of conversation around specific tasks happens in the item card. You can access the task's history anytime, and easily understand the context.

Comment or mention people using @ sign if you want to highlight someone to bring it to their attention.

Get instant notifications about updates and changes in the app and by email.

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