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Plaky helps you kickstart your projects faster and easier with pre-defined templates.

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How can templates benefit your team?

Kick-start your projects faster than ever

Plaky templates offer pre-designed project layouts with structured frameworks for easy setup, saving you and your team time and effort. They come with predefined groups, items and fields suitable for various use cases and industries.

Adding a board template

Get started quickly with our ready-made templates


· Strategy calendar
· Content calendar
· Creative requests
· Social media calendar
· Event planning


· Employee onboarding
· Recruitment
· HR requests


· Single project
· Resource planning
· Real estate
· Construction


· Bug tracking
· Product roadmap
· Product launch

Sales & CMR

· Onboarding new clients
· Pre-onboarding
· Sales pipeline
· Deals
· Contact list

Create your board as a template

To set an already created board as template:

1. Go to the board you’d like to set as template
2. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner
3. Select "Mark as Template" from the dropdown menu

Your board will be saved as a template and can be found in the Template Center under "All Templates" and "Templates Created in Your Account".