Single Project Template

As a project or product manager, freelancer or someone working in a startup, with this simple project template you will plan, manage, and track every aspect of your project.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Rich text field, Status field with labels, Date field, and Number field.

Everything you need to plan and manage your projects with confidence

Is handling deadlines, budgets and communication within one project a challenge? Does everyone involved, act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to make a killer plan and deliver the most impactful projects.

Use Plaky to:

Break projects into manageable phases

Share critical information

Track project performance

Benefits of using Single project template

Create project in a

Sketch out the big picture, communicate plans with stakeholders, and ensure your team stays on the same page.

Organize tasks

Build groups for each stage or category of your project and define them to reflect team or individual ownership.

Set milestones and

Understand the flow of all project phases. Keep an eye on upcoming deadlines and automatically notify task owners of overdue items.

Single project in three simple steps

1. Dedicate a board for your

Name your board and start planning your project from start to finish in one, centralized workflow. Organize the groups of your board in phases or as a timeframe and keep track off all project-related activities in one shared place.

2. Invite team members

Send invitations to all relevant people and do coordinated activities with ease by working on tasks together, no matter the deprtment.

Invite clients or shareholders as guests and speed up the approval process.

3. Send messages & files

Communicate in your task cards. @mention people or teams and share files. From SWOT analysis to pitch presentations, production offers, reports...

Share documents, images, and feedback to avoid rework and streamline communication with everyone involved.

The features you’ll love in the Single project template


Item represents any type of assignment or responsibility. The content of an item is totally up to you and it can be a building part of your project that makes sense to you, e.g. task, location, client, time determinant...


Person Field allows you to assign tasks to your Team Members, or check who in your team is responsible for which task. Include people either as assignees or reviewers of a task, and track progress.

Owning a responsibility means people are more dedicated and productive when dealing with their assignments.

Date field

The Date Field allows you to set a due date for your tasks, or any sort of a deadline. To do that, simply click on the date Field and pick the date from the calendar.

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