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Construction Schedule Template

Use Plaky scheduling template to land on time and on budget with your construction activities.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Number field, Status field with labels, Date field, and Tag field.

Everything you need to to plan and manage your construction tasks effectively

Does your project rely heavily on schedules and deadlines?
Do people involved in the project act according to the objectives?

This template has the tools you need to streamline the process of managing your construction schedule with ease.

Use Plaky to:

Provide a framework for the project manager

Keep your team aligned

Track project performance

Construction schedule

Benefits of using Construction schedule template

Detailed execution framework

The construction schedule is one of the foundational documents. This template helps you do some strategic resource scheduling to minimize risks. It provides the “how” and the “why” of the construction activities and the people involved. Just focus on supervising the whole project with ease.

Control over due dates & cash flow

Keep the project on time and within the agreed budget. Keep expectations lined up with the confirmed schedules. Eliminate any chance for your plan to backfire. Make your start and end dates transparent as well as your budget visible & easily accessible by the right people in your team. Easily keep track of resources & progress.

Coordinated team work

Don’t let your team get lost in the information silos. Provide clear communication between the project manager, the construction workers, or even third-party vendors. Share all project-related data such as contracts and requirements in the task card. @mention people or a whole team and let them be notified right away about any changes and updates.

Construction schedule template in three simple steps

Project structure

1. List all the activities as tasks

Start planning your project from start to finish. To ensure you are considering all project tasks and their associated activities, make a list of everything that must be completed throughout the duration of your project. Include a detailed description of each.

Assign owners

2. Determine the duration of each task

Input start and end dates as fields in the item card. Mark the duration of a task by communicating through a field type, when it must be completed.

This will automatically be accessible to all people involved in the construction project, and you will easily track the progress of each activity.

Track progress

3. Assign people to each construction activity

Organization of people in any construction project is crucial. Let the people involved in the construction process, from project managers, to interior designers, & construction workers, know who is responsible and for what.

Assign them to tasks and have them manage activities from start to finish in the most organized way. Track their progress and make sure tasks are being resolved.

The features you’ll love in the Construction schedule template


Brake up your construction schedule according to the construction phases. In Plaky you can create distinct groups on your boards so you can effectively sort your tasks and deadlines. You can even organize it by sections within a project.

Status field

Date field

The Date Field allows you to set a due dates for your tasks, or any sort of a start and end date.

By making construction schedule date visible to everyone, you decrease the chance of going over your deadline.

Status field

Have your projects visually sorted by status for a better overview of progress. Drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes in Kanban view, to make the organization of your board much easier.

By having your tasks sorted by relevance, you make your projects transparent and leave almost no space for misinterpretation.


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