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Activity Log

With Activity Log, you can track your Team’s tasks and keep up with the activities on Board or Item.

There are several types of activity logs available in Plaky:

  • Board Activity Log
  • Item Activity Log
  • Last Seen

Board Activity Log #

Board Activity Log displays all past activities done on Board from status change or update, adding Comments, deleting Items or assigning Team Members to Board.

To check activity log for Boards, click Activity at the top right corner of the Board.

The panel opens up with the list of all past Board activities. Each entry contains the following information: time of change, author of the change, name of the Board/View/Column/Group or Item to which the change was made and how it looked prior to and after the change.

Use Filter to display the activities according to the following parameters:

  • Time (e.g. Today, This week, Last week)
  • Group (e.g. Planning, Launch)
  • Column (e.g. Team Member assigned)
  • Person (e.g. Ann Morrison)
  • Event type

Event type helps you track change in types of events on your Board.

For example if:

  • Attribute or Status added to the Item changed
  • User is added or removed
  • Time frame changed
  • Item is moved from one Group to another
  • User or User Group subscribed to certain Board, Item or similar

Use Filter by name search bar to see who made the change.

Item Activity Log #

Item Activity Log tracks all updates made to one Item. To see Item Activity Log, click on the Item and choose Activities tab. The tab opens with the list of all Item activities. Each entry contains the following information: time of change, author of the change, name of the Board where the change was made, previous value and new value.

You can filter out the activities in the Filter log and Filter by name search bar according to the same parameters as the one listed in the Board activity log.

All activity log entries are listed from the oldest at the bottom to the newest on top.

Types of Events #

Events displayed in activity logs include the following:

Board Events #

  • Create and delete Board
  • Create and delete Board view
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe user/team from/to Board
  • Change Board permissions
  • Change title, type, change and edit Board description

  • and all events related to Items listed below

Item Events #

  • Create and delete Item
  • Create and delete Item group
  • Create and delete Item attribute
  • Change Item attribute name
  • Change Item attribute value
  • Change Item title
  • Change Item group title and color
  • Move Item from and to group
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe user/team from/to Item

Last Seen #

Last Seen tab displays the name and time when the Team Member has last seen the Board. This way, you can see who uses the Board and keeps up with the team’s activities and how often.

To check the Last Seen option navigate to the Last Seen tab at the top right corner.

Click and open current Board Activity Log with Last Seen tab. You’ll see the name of the User that has last seen the Board and how long ago that happened.

In the Activity tab, check the details on the activity that the User completed on the Board.