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Custom Fields

In Plaky, each Custom Field represents some entity that is relevant for the project or some other type of content presented in a Board.

Keep in mind that Fields are created and managed on a Board level and as such any modification (add, edit, delete) reflects on all Items/Item Groups on the Board.

There are different types of Fields that help you define the content on the Board:

  • Text
  • Rich Text
  • Link
  • Numbers
  • Status
  • Tag
  • Date
  • Person
  • Timeline

To add a Custom Field:

  1. Click on + at the top right corner of any Item group
  2. Choose the Field type you want to add to your Board to complete the action

Text #

This type of Field allows you to add any type of text (e.g. details, description, short explanation…).

Rich text #

With Rich Text format, you can add text files and transfer them in different text editors, between different processors and operating systems. If you’d like to take more time creating the text file, you can put it in draft and get back to it later on.

If another user modifies a Rich text field simultaneously and saves the changes, you will be notified at the bottom left corner of the modal.

Team mention #

Besides adding text and text files in different formats, rich-text Field offers the possibility to mention the whole team at once, so that all Team Members keep up with the project development relevant to them and other Team Members.

To mention the Team:

  1. Navigate to the Rich-Text Field in the Board and Project you’d like to add the mention in
  2. Enter @ and choose Team you’d like to mention from the ones listed below
  3. Click Save

Once you’ve done that, all Team Members will get Email and Bell Notification. Both types of Notifications display the content and the link to jump to that Rich-Text Field in the app.

Any change made to the Field and the Team mentioned will trigger both Email and Bell Notifications for all Team Members.

Link Field allows you to link any website to the Item. This way, you can customize each Item with the specific web address and the text that will be displayed in the Field.

To do that:

  1. Click + at the top right corner of the Item Group
  2. Choose Link from the list
  3. Click + that appears when you hover over Link Field
  4. Enter Web address and Text to display in modal that appears
  5. Click Save to complete the process

Numbers #

You can use this Field to enter number related to any aspect of the project you’re tracking such as the number of hours spent working on a project, number of Items, Team Members working on project/task, or anything else that makes sense to you.

Add numbers Field just as any other Custom Field in Board and enter the required number in the appropriate field.

Value in the number Field is configurable.

Choose the Configure option and define its unit.

If the number in one Field represents, for instance, a sum of money, the unit can be defined as currency: $, €, £, %. If it doesn’t match any of the options listed, custom unit can be typed in the designated field.

Alignment can also be adjusted and the unit value can be positioned on the left or right.

Status #

In this Field, you can visually present the state of your tasks, or follow the progress of tasks of other Team Members. This is done by marking the status with some predefined labels (e.g. To do, In progress, Done) which can be customized, as well.

For more information on Status Field and its labels, check out the article: Configure Status Field.

Tag #

With Tags you can list multiple words that will appear after the hashtag symbol (#). You can use them to define the keywords for each Item, so that you can recognize it more easily in the Board, or even Group the Items with similar content across different Boards.

For more information on Tag Field, check out the article: Configure Tags.

Date #

The Date Field allows you to set due date for your tasks, or any sort of a deadline. To do that, simply click on the date Field and pick the date from the calendar.

Person #

Person Field allows you to assign tasks to your Team Members, or check who in your team is responsible for which task. You only need to create the Field from the dropdown and select the person. That can be the Member of your Board, or your Team Member.

Timeline #

The Timeline field (available on paid plans only) is a powerful feature for project period management. With this field, it is easy to input and track time periods using two date pickers. To do it, add a Timeline field, click on the added Field and select the year and two dates from the calendar, or manually type in the start and the end date.