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Summary Row

The Summary Row feature in Plaky allows Board Members to obtain summarized data from specific Fields in the table view, providing valuable insights into project’s progress and key metrics. Here’s how to use the Summary Row effectively:

Overview #

Summary row is valid for Numbers, Status, Tag, Person and Date Fields, in table view only.

To switch on/off summary row for a specific board: #

  1. Open Board settings
  2. Click to switch on/off Summary row

A summary row with default settings will immediately be added as a last row under each Item group, and will include all the Fields to which Summary row is applicable. Applied Filters will impact the summary.

If a Custom field supports Summary row, and it is turned on, but no item has a value for that Field, a dash will be displayed in the summary row for that Field.

Summary row can be switched on/off for any particular Field that has a summary row as well. 

To close a summary row for a specific Field: #

  1. Click on three dots in the Summary row
  2. Select the Field to close Summary row on

  3. Click Close summary row to close Summary row for all Fields.

Customizing Fields #

Each Field in your Summary row can be further customized or switched off.

Numbers #

The default summary will display the sum for the Numbers Field. To customize it:

  1. Click on the Numbers Field in the summary row
  2. Set the unit
  3. Set the alignment
  4. Choose from the following functions: Count, Summation, Average, Median, Minimum, Maximum

The summary row will display the result of the selected function on group level, with the set unit and alignment applied. The result on a board level (for all groups) will be displayed on the pop-over.

Status and tag #

Summary of all labels will be displayed by default. To set your custom combination of statuses/tags:

  1. Click on the Status or Tag Field in the summary row
  2. Switch to custom
  3. Select the labels to display in the summary

The summary row will display a progress bar with the statuses/tags expressed in percentage

Date #

The default summary will display Earliest to Latest. To customize it:

  1. Click on the date Field in summary row
  2. Select  Earliest or Latest to see the earliest or the latest date in the summary

The same options apply for Timeline Field.

Person #

There are no additional settings to customize the person Field. The summary row will display the people stack/teams.

If a Field can have a summary, but is turned off, hover over the summary row for that Field and click to turn on summary for that Field. Alternatively, click on the arrow next to the Field name to access the Field dropdown and switch on/off the Field Summary.