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Item Overview

Each Board in Plaky contains entities called Items. Item can be a notion, unit or any other building part of your project that makes sense to you (e.g. task, location, client, time determinant…).

This article provides a brief description of the main functionalities covered by Items and the benefits they provide to the project management processes.

For detailed description of features enabled with Items, check out the relevant sections and articles.

Each Item belongs to a Group and cannot be created without it.

Add new Item #

To add new Item:

  1. Navigate to the +Add button below Item Group in the appropriate Board
  2. Enter the name and optionally populate other columns
  3. Press Enter on the keyboard


Click New Item at the top of the Board and the Item will automatically be created in the first available Group.

Add new Item – advanced option #

This option allows you to see and quickly populate a new Item with all the necessary information and actions in just one modal.

To add new Item by using the advanced option:

  1. Click the arrow to expand New Item
  2. Select New Item (advanced)
  3. Populate the Create new item modal with the information you need

You can also put Item in the Item Group, name it and add subscribers.

Move Item #

With this feature, you can rearrange the content on your Board, or inside the Item Group. Items can be moved inside their Item Group, or in any other group in the Board.

Items can only be rearranged inside the Board they were created in.

To move an Item:

  1. Navigate to the Item you’d like to move
  2. Click on the three dots to open a dropdown menu
  3. Choose Move to group
  4. Choose Group from the list, or search for it in the search field
  5. Click on the Group to complete the process


  1. Hover over the Item you’d like to move
  2. Go to the right end of the Item row where the six dots are
  3. Drag and drop the Item anywhere in the Board (same or different Group)

These actions are only available in Board Table View.

Links to Items in Plaky can be copied and pasted in any chat application that you use to correspond and collaborate with your colleagues. This way, Plaky users can reach the specific Item in question and be aware of any kind of development related to it.

To copy Item link:

  1. Click on the three dots on the Item
  2. Choose Copy item link

Your Item will be copied to a clipboard ready to be pasted in any chat app you’d like.

Edit Item #

Once created, all Item components can be edited and modified according to your needs. All information related to the Item can be edited in the Item Card section. Additionally to that, you can also add Comments, Files, Item subscribers…

To edit Item, click on the Item and the Item Card tab you can edit the info you need (e.g. change subscriber, date, tag, status…).

Comments #

In the Item’s Comments section, you can add any additional information, mention another Team Member, or add an update relevant to the Item in question. This information is in a text format.
If you, for some reason, started to type the text in the Item’s Comment section and left the section without saving the text, Plaky will save that text in draft form. This way, you can come back to it and continue where you left off.
As is the case with the Rich-Text format Column, in the Comments you can mention another User or the whole Team.
There are also options to delete, edit comment, and copy comment URL.

Team mention #

With the Team mention in place, all Team Members can easily keep up with the development of the project, Item or task relevant to them and other Team Members.

To mention the Team:

  1. Navigate to the Comments section in the Board and Project you’d like to add the mention in
  2. Enter @ and choose Team you’d like to mention from the ones listed below
  3. Click Add Comment

Once you’ve done that, all Team Members will get Email and Bell Notification. Both types of Notifications display the content and the link to jump to that Comment in the app.

Team mention Email Notification
Team mention Bell Notification

You can also mention Team in the Rich-Text Column. It works and looks the same as in the Comments section described above.

Copy comment URL #

To copy comment URL open the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the comment and select copy comment URL option. There are options to delete and edit comment in the same drop-down menu.

Files #

In the Files section, you can manage the files attached to the Item. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, opened, searched and deleted. There is also the option to play video and audio files and see the preview of files in PDF.

To upload files:

  1. Navigate to the Files tab
  2. Click Add Files
  3. Choose one or more files from your local storage

Maximum size of a single uploaded file is 50MB. However, if you’re uploading multiple files at once, the limit is 60MB.
Once the file has been uploaded, it can be opened, downloaded and deleted by clicking the three dots button in the upper right corner.

Plaky supports the following types of files: