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Building a Modern Project Management Tool — How Plaky Came to Be

The journey of project management software — how Plaky went from an idea to a tool we use on a daily basis….
Luka Bogavac
Calendar Icon May 22, 2024

Team Management

Who Is Responsible for Each Task? Here’s How to Make That Clear

Steps to clear task ownership and accountability: 1. Break down the project into tasks, 2. Decide on task owners, 3. Add task deadlines, 4. Track prog…
Galina Vasiljcuk
Calendar Icon May 21, 2024

Project Management

How I Almost Lost a Client Because of Spreadsheets — Twice

Spreadsheets are extremely versatile, but a jack of all trades is a master of none. Here’s what happens when you use spreadsheets to track everythin…
Filip Colovic
Calendar Icon May 20, 2024

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