Luka Bogavac - Project management author and researcher at Plaky

Luka is a project management researcher and author at Plaky. Using his experience in education and managing projects, he aims to bring the topic of PM closer to a more general audience, while still providing useful information for those already proficient in the field.

During his years of education, he focused on IT and management studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. This blend pushed him to learn about more modern management methodologies, like Agile, in order to keep up with the software industry.

Writing on the topic of management came naturally to him, as, apart from his studies, he has also participated in competitions and projects that required him to boost his project management expertise. Most notably, one of his projects required forming a start-up. Another involved making a complete plan for a software development project.

In his free time, if he is outdoors, he loves to go hiking across the country. If he stays indoors, he loves to watch a good film or play video games, with a preference for the ones with a more artistic expression.

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