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Plaky - Client management software

What is client management software?

Client management software centers around the relationship between a small business and its customer. It assists with the organization of the data of past and existing clients in a single platform.

It helps managers measure the progress of their team as they execute tasks. In simple terms, project management software provides the tools you need to compare actual to planned progress.

Why is client management software important?

80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. So it’s more important than ever to focus on every client and do your best to nurture, and build a good relationship with them in order to gain their loyalty.

It’s crucial to have one centralized hub for everything client-related so you can improve the crucial aspects of your business.

Project tracking

Why is Plaky a perfect client management tool?

Plaky lets you store, manage and label your leads, contacts and clients in the easiest & most user friendly online platform.

It’s customizable and straightforward client management tool that lets you have your customers data stored in one place and accessible anywhere.

Key benefits of Client management software

Know your clients thoroughly

Get a comprehensive view of your clients’ history, appointments, payment plans, documents and conversations, stored in one place.

Never lose a contact

Have a dedicated space for each client. Store and manage contacts in one centralized online hub.

Have your business with you wherever you go

Access all the information you need about your clients, whenever you need it, with the friendly Plaky mobile app.

Increase your team’s productivity

Easily collaborate with your team, assigning clients or appointments to staff members and communicating straight in the card.

All the tools you need to manage your clients


Improve your customer experience by having a dedicated person for each client.


For the tasks that require a deadline, a meeting date, or any other time-bound activity, add a date field.


Place and save all the client-related files, images, documents and contacts in your task, so you never get out of context.


Easily access data about your clients and track the status of importance by filtering your tasks.

Ready-made templates to organize your
clients data in the easiest way

Workflow for every department.

Sales pipeline

For sales teams looking for a transparent way to track pipeline progress.

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For teams in need of an efficient CRM tool.

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New clients

For sales teams of any size to track prospects.

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