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Strategy plan template

Ideal for marketing professionals who like to turn their concept into an actionable plan. Have your whole team aligned with your vision and bring measurable results to your company.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person column, Status column with customized labels, Date column, Tag column and link column.

Advantages of Marketing strategy plan template

Launch campaigns faster

Get your team aligned with your vision by making your boards available to everyone. Delegate responsibilities to the right people so they know what’s expected of them.

Track progress easy

Access the information you need to track with just one click. Filter it by status, dependency, due-date or any other value. See where you stand in the process and take informed action.

Save time in execution

Avoid emails. Communicate right in the task card with teammates or invite clients as viewers or guests. Get feedback and approvals faster, so nobody has to wait.

What you’ll love the most about this template

Comments & files

• Collaborate with team members by having discussions right in the task card. Leave feedback, ask questions and add files.
• Having all information available and in one place speeds up the process and makes it easy for everyone to catch up fast. It’s especially useful for onboarding newcomers.

Kanban view

• Kanban View maximizes a person’s efficiency and productivity, by visually sorting items by status. Plus you can drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes through the workflow.
• By having your tasks sorted by relevance, you make your projects easily comprehensible, leaving almost no space for misinterpretation.


• Filters can help you track specific details. You can easily narrow it down to the right information, like high priority tasks or due date, and make sure nothing gets blocked.
• Filtering the way you view your projects, gives you clarity and vision where you are and where you want to go.