Contact List Template

Keep track of all clients information in one place with the Plaky’s contact management template.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Text field, Status field with labels, Rich text field, and Date field.

Everything you need to plan and organize your client’s contact list

Is creating a proper contact management system a challenge?
Do team members act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to unite the team around your plan and create impactful client’s contacts list.

Use Plaky to:

Break client’s data into manageable parts

Share critical information within a department

Track project performance

clients onboarding

Benefits of using Contacts template

Build your
contact list

Store and manage contacts. Maintain complete visibility into all contact-related information in one view, including deals, tasks, quotes, and activities.

Track notes and
contact changes

Track follow-ups and notes with tasks. Traditional CRMs can make it hard to track action items with the rest of your work. With Plaky, you can store notes and receive updates about contact changes—all in one place.

Clients' contacts in three simple steps

project tasks

1. Dedicate a task for each client

Task is where you place and save all the valuable information about your applicant. You can manage and track everything there, from lead status to the smallest piece of information.

column for client’s info

2. Add fields for client info

Fields in Plaky can categorize your tasks in many ways. You can have a field for clients' phone details, email address, geographical location, dates of interaction and much more.

Keep everything in your task and access this valuable data, anytime, anyplace.


3. Make updates and let the team stay in context

All changes that occur in the task, will automatically notify all relevant people in the team that are members of the board as assignees or reviewers.

From address changes to new file uploads. Make sure no one misses an update.

The features you’ll love in the Contacts template

Rich text field

If you need more ways to filter or organize your items, customize your fields. Some additional fields could be: contact number, email address etc. With Rich Text format, you can add text files and icons so as to visually manage your clients' data.

rich text field
Item subscriber

Item subscriber

In any given time you can add subscribers to your items or subscribe yourself to an item. When you subscribe to an item, you will automatically start being notified each time someone is posting an update on that item. It’s super useful because when a client changes contacts, everybody stays informed.

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