Milica Lukić - Project management researcher and author at Plaky

Milica has been fascinated with creative writing all her life. Before joining Plaky, she accumulated versatile knowledge and experience by working as a content writer, teaching English as a second language, translating newspaper articles, and being a project manager at a research institute.
Combining all of this with her BA and MA in English linguistics, the role of project management author and researcher in this team seemed like a perfect fit. Having worked as a PM herself, Milica has a special appreciation for tools that facilitate team collaboration and communication.
As a firm believer that a good piece of writing can be so impactful as to change one’s life, she strives to create content that’s genuinely informative in a way that everyone, expert or not, can understand everything. She thus prioritizes thorough research and simple yet engaging narratives.
In her free time, Milica relaxes by reading books and spending time with loved ones. She also recharges through hobbies such as bullet journaling, learning foreign languages, watching TV shows, and writing some more.

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