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Bug tracking template

Ideal for software development teams for managing tasks and bugs.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person column, Status column with labels, and Tag column.

Advantages of Bug tracking template

Easily track bugs

Track bugs and assign them to the right team members at the right time. Create a single source of truth to help your team prioritize against the big picture goals while continuously delivering value to customers.

Resolve issues faster

Move bugs forward efficiently through workflow. Stimulate your team to move faster with any kind of issue and let it focus on building new features.

What you’ll love the most about this template

Priority column

• Quickly prioritize and assign each issue to team members in order of urgency and importance. Keep everyone aligned on each issue's status and ensure that the highest priority work is being tackled first.

Status column

• Add status column, and visually present the state of your tasks. Define the stages of the process. Plaky offers several status stages, but you can customize them, and easily differentiate between them . This way you get clear insight into status of your Team’s tasks.