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Plaky - Video production software

Bring clarity & structure to the
video production process

Coordinating directors, producers, technicians, suppliers, and many others, can make or break a video production’s ability to deliver high quality content.

Knowing what it takes to plan and execute a good video project, Plaky is offering a structure as flexible as you are, to set priorities, align on goals with team members, and manage deadlines easily.
Make sure you and your team are always on the same page, even with sudden updates and changes.


Easy yet powerful video management tool

1. Complex operations simplified

Get set up in minutes. Make Plaky your centralized hub for everything project-related. Forget about messy email threads. Collaborate and share files right in the task cards and get more done in less time.

2. Synced plans & schedules

Leave no room for misinterpretation. Assign work to team members, add due-dates and make team’s tasks available to everyone involved in the project.

3. Visual progress for easy tracking

Plaky is a user-friendly & visual tool. Video teams will love it. With just one look you can access all the important information, such as urgency statuses, production over time, delivery dates and more, organized in different views.

4. Projects done in record time

Do coordinated work and be more efficient. Get notified of progress and stay on top of things, at any time. Be informed by bell or email when there are updates on tasks you work on and act timely.


Video production made simple

Well structured task management

• Tasks • Assignees • Fields • Comments

Dedicate a task for each activity of your production process. Delegate responsibility by adding all the relevant people to it. Share video-related materials, comment, give feedback, so you and your team can stay in context easily.

Categorize work with fields so you always know where you stand with your project - when and where it is planned, who does what etc.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Simple overview of progress

• Statuses • Notifications • Activity • Views

Any sort of activity around specific tasks can be tracked so you and your teammates can easily stay in the loop. Get notified when status is changed on some of your activities.

See what has occurred in your board or just in one specific item and move your project forward.

Use views to stay in focus on what needs your attention. Organize your board by person or type of activity and access your data just by looking at it.

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