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What is a To-Do List software?

To-Do list software is a platform that helps you & your team manage daily assignments, regarding projects & tasks.

It helps you focus on your most important things by setting clear & specific goals and expectations with priority status, organizing work in a transparent manner and tracking its progress from start to finish.

Get more tasks done with Plaky’s to-do list software

Assign due dates

Seeing when tasks are due helps you prioritize, so any time a task has a due date, add it.

By assigning due dates to your tasks, you're effectively planning out your day, a week, a month, which is an excellent time-management strategy.

View progress with personalized workflows

Find a system that works for your organization. Depending on the project, choose the statuses indicative of every stage of your process, and track progress at all stages.

These customized workflows give you a visible and clear picture where you stand with your tasks, and what needs your attention.

Prioritize tasks with Kanban boards

Focus on what’s most important by minimizing the amount of tasks in progress.

Keep on top of priorities and choose Kanban view for a better overview of your tasks. It is designed to help you visualize work, maximize efficiency and establish order in your daily work.

Organize tasks in group

Having more than one list helps you focus. Don't hold back. Make lists for everything you think of! The useful ones will stick around. Anything that isn't useful you can scrap.

How to use project management software for your to-do lists


Add a group of tasks and label it into a time-frame (days, months, etc.).


Include tasks or items in your groups that represent daily to-dos.

Status field

Indicates where you are in the process and what needs your attention.

Date field

For the tasks that require a deadline, a meeting, or any other go-to activity.