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Video Production Template

Run your entire process in sync with your team - from pre-production to post-production. Organize work, share files & stay updated on all video-related tasks.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Items, Person field, Tag field, Status field with labels, Date field, and Number field.

Everything you need to plan & execute your videos with confidence

Is planning the process of production and keeping your team coordinated a challenge?
Does everyone involved act according to the project objectives?

This video planning template has the tools you need to simplify and speed up the process of creating your videos.

Use Plaky to:

Break video production process into manageable steps

Share critical information

Track project performance

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Benefits of using Video production template

Easily plan the production process

Get your team aligned with your vision by making your project and your project’s task easily accessible by everyone in your team. Divide the process into groups, delegate responsibilities to the right people so they know what’s expected of them.

Streamline communication

Stay up-to-date on the latest version of any video your team is working on. Instantly share any file, give feedback and mention a person or a whole team for them to be notified and avoid rework.

Save time in execution

Avoid emails. Communicate right in the task card with teammates or invite clients as viewers. Get feedback and approvals faster, so nobody has to wait and execute your videos on time.

Video production in three simple steps

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1. Structure your production process

Start planning your project from start to finish in one, centralized workflow. Define the groups of your board as stages or teams and categorize it further with fields for better organization of your data.


2. Add a responsible person and a deadline

Let the people from your Video production team know who is responsible and for what. Assign them to the right tasks and have them manage the process from start to finish in the most organized way. Add due date and make sure videos are being executed on time.

move bugs through workflow

3. Mark urgent tasks with status field

Fields in Plaky can categorize your tasks in many ways. Distinguish what’s urgent with status field. Let team members know what needs to be done just by looking at the board.

Change status updates and let everyone be informed of the progress.

The features you’ll love in the Video production template

Status field

Status field is essential in planning, organizing, and tracking all of your team's work according to status labels. Easily see if a task is yet to be completed, in progress, done, or whether its priority is high or medium.

Status field

Kanban view

Kanban board displays your project’s information in fields that are commonly organized by work status ( To Do, Doing, and Done). You can adjust field type depending on your project needs. Track work as it moves through stages and get at-a-glance insight into where your project stands.

Tag field

It allows you to create a number of keywords along with a hashtag symbol indicating a department or a client. That way you’ll make sure all the important details are easy to access and your team is focused on the top priorities without wasting much time.


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