Plaky - Social Media Calendar Template
Social Media Calendar Template

Social media calendar Template

For social media managers who want to maximize their strategy’s potential for success.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person column, Status column with customized labels, Date column, Tag column.

Advantages of Social media calendar Template

Easy to plan

​Plan in the easiest calendar and schedule for all your 7 platforms. Have your content categorized and labeled so you and your team know what needs to be published, where and when.

Fully collaborative

Invite all your collaborators to join your board, and give them different permission levels. Comment in context — right in your task card, share files and visuals and get fast approvals.

Stay on track

Keep up with the latest developments. Receive notifications about updates and due-dates so you never miss a feedback and meet your deadlines everytime.

What you’ll love the most about this template

Tag column

• It allows you to list a number of keywords that will appear as a tag. You will have the same pool of tags to choose from and to assign to any of your items, such as type of channel (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) or type of category (educational material, product based content etc.)


• Get notified in real time when there's a new task comment, or a change to a task you're subscribed to. Plaky lets users get notified of any changes that happen in a board or workspace they share with other members. You’ll get email and bell notifications if assigned in a person column, mentioned in a comment, or in a rich-text column.


• You don't need to see all the categories in your board view. Just filter it by the data that it’s most valuable to you and your team and save it. It's a real time saver.