Real Estate Agency Management Template

Pre-designed workflow tailored to suit the needs of real estate agencies.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Number field, Status field with labels, Date field, Tag field & Rich text field.

Everything you need to plan and manage real estate operations in one place

Do you struggle to organize your properties with all their relevant data?
Do team members act according to the project objectives?

This template ensures flexibility in managing diverse real estate operations in one centralized hub.

Use Plaky to:

Provide a framework for the real estate agent

Keep your team aligned

Track project performance

Benefits of using Real estate agency management Template

Structured framework

Plaky pre-configured workflow is a core of any real estate agency management because it has the main functionalities needed to track a property from the beginning to the very end. It has different groups representing the stages of the process.

Standardized procedures

Reduce the errors caused by inconsistencies, by standardizing the processes. By assigning work, team members know what’s expected of them and by when. The pre-defined fields require certain information, so team-members can synch around the same data.

Centralized files-sharing hub

Plaky template helps you keep all your important project information in one place. You can easily find and access documents, contracts, schedules, and other necessary data. This keeps everything well-organized, reduces the chance of losing important information.

Real estate agency management in three simple steps

1. Organize your properties in phases

This template has a system for managing client information, property listings, contracts, and other important documents and it’s divided in phases. Create a task for each property and place all the relevant information in it.

2. Invite teammates or stakeholders & start to collaborate

Invite & Stay in regular contact with your team members, clients, and stakeholders. Use comments & @mention to get their immediate attention. Ensure everyone is updated on property listings, client requirements, and any changes in the market.

Also Invite clients or shareholders as guests and speed up the approval process.

3. Track project’s progress

Keep an eye on how your agency is doing. Track the status of each task. Use this information to identify areas for improvement and provide feedback to your team. Visualize the progress with different views and filter it to access the most important data immediately.

The features you’ll love in the Real estate agency management template


Brake down your real estate agency management process into stages. In Plaky you can create distinct groups on your boards so you can effectively sort your tasks and clients.


The communication hub for team members to exchange ideas, provide input, and discuss specific tasks or project-related matters, all in one place.

Comments are a structured and organized manner for enhancing overall communication within the team.

Status field

Have your projects visually sorted by status for a better overview of progress. Drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes in Kanban view, to make the organisation of your board much easier.

By having your tasks sorted by relevance, you make your projects transparent and leave almost no space for misinterpretation.

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