Personal Tasks

Personal Tasks Template

For completing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks on time, and without stress.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person column, Text column, Status column with customized labels, and Date column.

Advantages of Personal tasks Template

Organize tasks

Personal tasks template will enable you to keep a detailed to-do list which is of a great help in organizing and prioritizing your tasks, and plan out projects.

Finish work on time

Your tasks contain everything you need to complete. It ensures you have written down to-dos and set due dates so you don’t forget anything important and meet your deadlines.

What you’ll love the most about this template


• Item represents any type of assignment or responsibility. The content of an item is totally up to you and it can be a building part of your project that makes sense to you, e.g. task, location, client, time determinant...

Date column

• The Date Column allows you to set a due date for your tasks, or any sort of a deadline. To do that, simply click on the date Column and pick the date from the calendar.