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Personal Tasks Tracker Template

Plaky’s personal tasks tracker template will serve you as a system to organize your tasks, prioritize them and get rid of the noise.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person field, Text field, Status field with customized labels, and Date field.

Everything you need to plan and manage your personal tasks list with confidence

Is tracking your todo list a challenge?
Do you get lost in deadlines and having a hard time keeping track of personal files?

This template has the tools you need to unite your daily activities in one place.

Use Plaky to:

Break your todo list into mangable steps

Keep files in one place

Set deadlines and stay on schedule

personal tasks

Benefits of using Personal tasks tracker template

Plan your perfect

Personal tasks template will enable you to keep a detailed to-do list which is of a great help in organizing and prioritizing your tasks, and plan out projects.

Finish work on time

Your tasks contain everything you need to complete. It ensures you have written down to-dos and set due dates so you don’t forget anything important and meet your deadlines.

Personal tasks in three simple steps

centralize tasks in one place

1. Centralize tasks in one place

As you define your activities, place them in the “to do” group. Dedicate a task for each to do item and save all the relevant information there.

Add a description, documents and files and keep track of everything task-related in one safe place.

set deadlines

2. Set deadlines

One of the most important thing concerning your tasks are probably the dates. In order for your to do to be executed on time, you have to schedule them by setting a date.

Be reminded of due dates just by looking at your board.


3. Know where you stand with statuses

Know exactly where you stands with your tasks at any time with a customizable status field. Fields in Plaky can categorize your tasks in many ways.

Mark the stage in the process, the urgency and much more.

The features you’ll love in the Personal tasks tracker template


Item represents any type of assignment or responsibility. The content of an item is totally up to you and it can be a building part of your project that makes sense to you, e.g. task, location, client, time determinant...

Date field

Date field

The date field allows you to set a due date for your tasks, or any sort of a deadline. To do that, simply click on the date field and pick the date from the calendar.

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