Inventory management template

Inventory Management Template

Use Plaky inventory tracking template to keep details such as: stock, orders, manufacturers, and more, stored in one place.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Items, Text field, Status field with labels, Tag field, Number field, Rich text field.

Everything you need to plan and track your products inventory

Do you easily lose track of stock, prices, units ordered and sold etc.?
Do team members act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to unite the team around your plan and create efficient inventory management.

Use Plaky to:

Organize your product inventory, with IDs, type, prices, barcodes, etc.

Share critical information with your team

Track project performance

inventory management

Benefits of using Inventory management template

Better inventory accuracy

Always know what’s in stock and order the exact amount of products to meet demand. Keep an eye on which products sell best and in what volume, for better terms with manufacturers.

Better customers experience

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Make sure they receive what they have ordered and on time. Keep your inventory organized in the best possible way with Plaky.

Inventory management in three simple steps

product description

1. Describe your product

Have an item card for each of your products. Add a description or name your item so everyone in your team can understand the product.


2. Categorize it further with fields

In order to find and manage your products in the best possible way, place product’s ID number to each item, a barcode, a manufacturer, ordered items and much more.

Keep all the valuable information in one place.

type of product

3. Determine the type of product with tags

Categorize your products by type so you can filter it later with kanban. View your inventory in a visually organized way and easily find every item you need.

The features you’ll love in the Inventory management template

Tag field

It allows you to list a number of keywords that will appear as a tag. You will have the same pool of tags to choose from to assign to any of your items, for example like sofa or table, referring to the type of product.

tag field
Rich text field

Rich text field

If you need more ways to filter or organize your items, customize your fields. Some additional fields could be: price, barcode, location etc. With Rich Text format, you can add text files and icons so as to visually manage your product inventory.

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