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With Plaky free CRM template, you can easily manage customer needs and interactions, and track deals in the sales pipeline.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Text field, Person field, Status field with labels, Date field, and Tag field.

Everything you need to track & close more deals

Is reaching prospective customers and maintaining quality customer experience, a challenge?
Do team members act according to the project objectives?

This template has the tools you need to unite the team around your plan and manage impactful CRM.

Use Plaky to:

Break client’s pipeline into manageable phases

Share critical information within a department

Track project performance

clients onboarding

Benefits of using CRM template

Capture leads

Use this CRM template to effectively capture leads, track sales pipelines, and manage contacts. Easily forecast revenue, generate insights, and learn where to focus your efforts.

Manage pipeline

Managing your pipeline isn’t only about growing it, but also maintaining the opportunities that already exist. With our pipeline template, you’ll get an easy way to keep track of account data, notes, and action items and move everything forward.

Manage deals in three simple steps

Break CRM into stages

1. Break CRM into stages

Organize your client’s relationship management in groups which will help you plan the process of reaching and maintaining customers in a clean and clear way.

It’s visible to all user members and you can easily add tasks, move them from stage to stage and track the progress of your work.

Assign salesperson

2. Assign salesperson to each client

Let the people from your Sales team know who is responsible and for what. Assign them to task and have them manage clients all the way from leads to closed deals, in the most organized way.

Track their progress and make sure clients are being supported all the way.

Add fields

3. Add fields to track the negotiations

Fields in Plaky can categorize your tasks in many ways. Distinguish what’s urgent with status field; add number field to mark the value of the deal; add dates to track the timeline of interactions etc.

Keep everything in your task and access this valuable data, anytime, anyplace.

The features you’ll love in the CRM template


In this rich text field you can express the progress and negotiation status by showing the probability of the deal. You’ll gain instant clarity where you stand with your deals.


Group of items

Groups are a great way to categorize your board information into specific categories. For example, we split this CRM board board into two categories, opportunities and closed deals.

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