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Creative request template

Best for cross-department collaboration. From initial intake to final deliverables, align the work of the account teams and designers, so campaigns are on track and executed timely.

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* The template contains: Group of items, Person column, Status column with customized labels, Date column and Tag column.

Advantages of Creative request template

Clear expectations

For every request you receive, determine the priority level, assign it to someone, and set deadlines so everyone is on the same page about who’s creating what and when.

Fast-track requests and feedback

Centralize all incoming requests. Make sure designers have all the information they need. Attach files, instantly share images, and feedback to speed up the approval process and avoid rework.

Manage workload

Visualize your design team’s capacity work day-by-day. Reduce bottlenecks and allocate resources more effectively.

What you’ll love the most about this template


• Collaborate with team members in one place. Leave feedback, ask questions, add files, briefs and any type of file, right in the task card. It speeds up the process and makes it easy for everyone to catch up fast.

Person column

• Person Column allows you to assign tasks to your Team Members, or check who in your team is responsible for which task. Include people either as assignees or reviewers of a task, and track progress.
• Owning a responsibility means people are more dedicated and productive when dealing with their assignments.


• Have your projects visually sorted by status plus drag and drop your tasks like sticky notes in Kanban view.
• By having your tasks sorted by relevance, you make your projects transparent and leave almost no space for misinterpretation.