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Why the need for a team productivity software?

Do you ever struggle with confused dates, mixed up assignments & missed deadlines? Disorganisation at work can make your employees unreliable and undependable, and you definitely don’t want that.

We have awesome news for you: increasing the productivity of your team is easily achievable. It just requires structured processes & deliberate actions towards managing your tasks, team & time.


Get more with team productivity software

One centrilized hub for all your work

Set up in minutes. Bring your team on board, assign them to tasks, create due-dates, & track statuses. It’s that simple. Eliminate confusion by making sure everyone knows who’s working on what.

Information sharing is easy

Have one pool of knowledge & stay in context. Collaborate freely with teammates because task card can hold all your data. From links, to files, either images or videos... Instead of spending time looking through emails, spreadsheets or even notes, keep your project documents in one place.

Organize to-dos with a task management systems

Your projects require systemized and structured way of planning & managing work-related activities. It’s too risky not to have a task management tool to put your to-dos in one place, managed in categories so everyone knows what needs to be done next.

Save time in setting up your projects with templates

Don’t always start from scratch. Use one of our pre-configured templates suitable for many different industries or create your own for recurring projects and tasks. Provide your team with a process every member can follow in order to be more productive & get the work done in less time.


Team productivity software in action

Plaky task management screenshot

Better task organisation

• Tasks • Assignees • Status • Priority • Reviewers • Due dates

With just a few clicks you can organize your board in a way that best suits your team dynamics.

Dedicate a task for each assignment. Delegate responsibilities by adding all the relevant people to a specific task. Share project-related materials & documentation, give feedback, so you and your team can stay in context easily. Categorize work with fields so you always know where you stand with your project.

Simple tracking of progress

• Statuses • Notifications • Activity • Views

Any sort of activity around specific tasks can be tracked so you and your teammates can easily stay in the loop. Get notified when status is changed on some of your tasks.

See what have occurred within your whole board or just in one specific item and manage your team activities in a smart way by learning from your data.

Use views to stay in focus on what needs your attention. Organize your board with the data that you consider to be most important and access it just by looking at it.

Plaky task management screenshot

Pre-built project templates

No matter the industry, we got you covered. Quick set & fast onboard - guaranteed


· Strategy calendar
· Content calendar
· Creative requests
· Social media calendar
· Event planning


· Employee onboarding
· Recruitment
· HR requests

Sales & CRM

· Onboarding new clients
· Pre-onboarding
· Sales pipeline
· Deals
· Contact list


· Bug tracking
· Product roadmap
· Product launch