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Plaky - Project management software for game development

What is game development project management software?

If a project management software is a platform used for managing all project-related activities - Project management software for game development is a tool that offers the core functionalities and feature sets that assist the development of video games in a structured & organized manner.

Why is Plaky the right tool for game developers?

Developing a new game from start to finish is usually a long process. You need a system of an organisation that is well put together.

Plaky is the perfect planning tool that allows teams to stay on top of their game development cycle and make informed decisions. Plaky will save hours in organization of work & people so you can fully focus on initial planning, pre to post production process, launching and testing of your game.


Powerful project management tool for gaming teams of all sizes

Simplified project operations

Designed to be intuitive & user-friendly. Get set up in minutes & onboard on the most flexible platform that your team will actually want to use. Align everyone to your vision by making Plaky your centralized hub for everything project-related, from goals & milestones to tracking & reporting.

Visual progress & easy tracking

Plaky is a flexible & visual tool. Gaming teams will love it. With just one look you can access all the important information, such as urgency statuses, production bottlenecks, delivery dates and more, organized in different views. Share what you're working on now, next and in the future. Create clarity by color coding your progress.

Synced communication

Leave no room for misinterpretation. Assign work to team members, and make tasks available to everyone involved in the project. Item cards can keep all of the data related to storyboards, concept art etc. and reduce context switching, when you decide to go back on what has been said & done.

Easy customizable & scalable

Plaky is a free & powerful project management tool that offers enough flexibility and customization features to conform to the needs of any game development project. Plus it doesn’t limit the number of users who can join an workspace. So, your spaces can always scale to accommodate the growth of your development team.


Easily customizable to fit the needs of your gaming projects

Plaky task management screenshot

Well structured game development process

• Tasks • Assignees • Status • Priority • Reviewers • Due dates

Organize knowledge, manage projects & share ideas all within your project board.

Dedicate a task for each activity of your game development process. Delegate responsibilities by adding all the relevant people to a specific task. Share game-related materials & game design documentation, give feedback, so you and your team can stay in context easily. Categorize work with fields so you always know where you stand with your project.

Centralized hub for your various assets

• Files • Comments • Links

Give the design stage of your game development process a place where you can gather & keep track of all files & assets. Items shared in a task can contain a variety of content, including text, videos, images, files, to-do lists, tables, code blocks, interactive embeds, and more.

This allows you to document, share, and collaborate on anything, from game proposals and storyboards to character profiles and concept art. Internal links can be used to easily link related documents and topics together.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Preferred view for progress tracking

• Table view • Kanban view

Customize the way project’s data will be visually presented to you, using either a Table View or a Kanban View. In fact each team can customize their spaces differently.

The Kanban board view is great for prioritizing features and planning sprints. The table view can be used to easily sort and filter long lists of game design assets.